Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Okay, I'm totally exaggerating here. But I am miserable. Why? I've decided to cut out the 3 pieces of cake, pie, brownies, and/or cookies per day. Why? Because I'm becoming a sugar addict. Seriously, it's out of control. And when I say a "piece," I'm talking about a gigantic piece of pie or a Costco sized cupcake. For real. And not just 1x per day....a few. Yeah, I flew off the handle. I could careless about weightloss. I feel sluggish and gross. Plus, I only crave sugar. I'm on day 2.5. I say 2.5 because I stuffed my face Sunday afternoon with a rather slice of Chess Pie. Anyway, I'm crabby. I'll let myself indulge in a small dessert Friday night. Then, I can have a normal sized treat 2x per week like a sane person. Okay, end rant.

Madeline and I have been pretty busy the past two days. Here's an example of what each day is like for us. Granted, it changes...and Tuesdays are a bit different because of the time her class falls.

6:30am   I wake up, get myself mildly dressed, clean up a bit, get Madeline's breakfast ready to go

7am        Get Madeline out of crib, change clothes/diaper... play for a few minutes

7:10am   Breakfast Time, unload the dishwasher while Madeline eats and scarf down breakfast quickly
hiding so she doesn't want to eat mine.

7:30-9:15am   Playtime. aka...either chase Madeline around the house or carry her around

9:15-9:30am Snack Time

9:30-11am  Nap #1 of the day. I get myself dressed for real, do laundry, clean floors, prep Madeline's lunch etc. I'll usually get around 20 minutes of actual downtime.

10:45am     Get Madeline up (I have to wake her on Mommy and Me days to get her to class on time)

10:45-11:05 Lunch for both of us

11:15-Noon  Mommy and Me

Noon-12:45pm Head over to TJMaxx (next door)

1pm: Playtime at Home

1:30pm: Snack Time

1:45pm-3:30pm: Naptime (It's typically 2:15-3:30pm, but she was a cranky pants today :) Prep Dinner and relax a bit

3:30pm Snack Time and Play Time

4:15pm: I take a bath while she throws her blocks in the tub with me and laughs hysterically.

We play until Tommy gets off work or is on his way home. He works from home on Tuesdays.

5pm I cook dinner while Tommy plays with Madeline

5:30-6pm Dinner Time

6pm I clean the house, kitchen, feed Sophie, laundry, get Madeline ready for bed, and anything I forgot to do. Tommy plays with Madeline upstairs

6:20pm Family Playtime

6:35-7pm Bedtime routine including brushing teeth, bath, pjs, books...you get the picture


8:30pm I go to bed, however, I don't fall asleep until around midnight

We have a busy week of errands this week. I always try to do those in between naps since traffic can get backed up during rush hour. And, I try my best to give Madeline playtime in between. too.

Her molars are just about to pop through. I feel bad for her....it looks very painful. I'm giving Advil when needed and Hyland's Teething Tabs. So, during the day, she's been pretty cranky this week.

She's also starting saying "mail." She loves to check the mail and play with my catalogs and junk mail. And she's into holes. Like ear canals, nostrils, anything. And licking. She's been a big licker this week. She's always a big kisser...which is so sweet.

Okay, I'm getting drowsy and I'm tired. I'm not done entirely with this post, but I'll just have to update another time. I'm pooped.  Oh, and I'm too lazy to edit the photos above. You get the idea :)

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