Thursday, December 13, 2012

And So It Begins..

Wow. Not quite sure where to start today...I know, I's been awhile. I've been constantly busy and there is a lot going on!

I'll start with Madeline. We are going through a lot right now...teething, reflux issues, 4 month sleep regression, and a growth spurt. Plus, general crankiness. The past couple of weeks have been fun and exhausting at the same time. She's learning something new all the time! She is now sucking her thumb, grabbing objects, found her feet, laughing, and babbling and cooing like crazy! We are still having issues with tummy time and her being a little lazy. I think she just hasn't really figured out how to use her arms.

We had her 4 month check up earlier this week (She's 4 months tomorrow). Her stats are as follows:

Weight: 11 lbs, 5 oz (10th percentile, previously was 8-10th)
Length: 23.5 (Jumped to 40th percentile from 10th and grew 2.5 inches)
Head: 10.3 (Jumped to 20th percentile from 10th)

So, she's one growing baby! We couldn't believe she's grown 2.5 inches in 2 months. Even the nurse was shocked, and measured twice. The check up went well, but because we are still having stomach issues, reflux issues, and she's lazy with tummy time we are having a follow up appointment at 5 months. She got her shots, and has been okay for the most part. She's having an upset stomach, and crankiness, but I expected that. The pediatrician told us not to start rice cereal until 5 months (but wait until the 5 month appointment for approval), then solids at 6 months since she still has stomach issues.

I actually took her in last week because she's fighting the bottle. She is screaming bloody murder after eating 2-3 oz. So, the pediatrician switched her from Zantac (she was on the highest dose) to Prevacid (which is stronger and $150 more each month). Today is the first day she hasn't been a mess during feeding I don't know if it's reflux or teething. The doctor said it could be either. She does have other teething symptoms, too. No teeth peaking out just yet!

It's been so much fun seeing her conquer new tasks. She has given up on rolling over for now. She's actually been having fun sitting in her Bumbo, and she loves lying down and pulling herself up into a sitting position. And, standing. She loves to stand. Too bad the bouncer/jumperoo is still enormous for her.

Her Nap Nanny has been recalled due to parental error (and stupidity), so I'm about to transition her to her pack n' play in our bedroom. I was going to do it this week, but since we're dealing with a sleep regression, I figured I would wait it out until it passes.

In other news, we are getting amped up for Christmas! We will spend Christmas Eve with Ray-Ray and So-So, then mid Christmas morning with Tommy's mother's side of the family, then the afternoon Christmas Day with my family. I can't wait! My other grandmother, MawMaw, will also be in town and meeting Madeline for the first time.

Okay, it's picture time. I really haven't taken many photos over the past 2 weeks...I'll be sure to take some this weekend.

Our first family portrait!

My first wrapped Christmas present!


I'm going to try to start updating more often again! More photos to come soon!

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