Sunday, November 25, 2012


Thanksgiving ended up going pretty smoothly for Madeline's first full day outing. We made our first stop at Ray and Sandra's since my brother and sister-in-law's flight didn't get in until the afternoon. We got to see the twins, Lance and Shellie, Matthew, Stan and Carol, and of course Ray-Ray and So-So. It was fun to hang out for awhile. Afterwards, we headed straight to my parent's home.

It was actually Michelle's first time to meet Madeline and that was fun. We had a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, played with Madeline, then headed home to start our night time routine around 6pm. The rest of the weekend was spent with my family. My brother took some great photos of us, which I'll post on my next entry (I have half of them now).

I'm pretty wiped out today. Madeline is going through another growth spurt. She basically slept for 24 hours straight on Friday (getting up to eat), but now she's refusing naps, is exhausted, and a hungry monster again. That's okay...she needs to grow and it should only last a week. I'm pooped. Her sleeping at night is getting better, but she's grunting all the time in her sleep, making it difficult for myself to get any. Ah, well. And, there's no chance that I'll be moving her into her bedroom anytime soon since it's completely located on the other side of our house, and Nap Nanny's cannot be placed in a crib. Plus, her reflux is a big issue for not moving her, too. It'll probably be a few months before we move her into her own room. Or longer. I don't know. I can deal with the restless nights; I am used to it by now.

I'm about to purchase a video monitor for her while she naps. I'm not comfortable leaving the room now while she sleeps because she's more mobile (she can flip out of her swing and bouncer now), and I have a fear of her choking on spit up. So, I'm hoping that I can find a Cyber Monday deal, and that will help out tremendously.

I've been getting more annoyed at randomness lately. I'm not sure if it's hormone related, or that I'm just exhausted....or both. I have to stop myself before going on a rant, or chewing someone out. And gosh, if I see one more political or religious post on Facebook, I am going to scream. No, I do not want to support your ignorant cause, and I'm so sick of the constant whining about our election results. I suppose my tolerance level has dropped a you can see. :)

I have several photos that I need to post, but I think I'm going to hold off until tomorrow. I think I need another cup of coffee!

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