Sunday, November 11, 2012

Is it Working?

Madeline has made major changes this week! She's no longer dealing with upset tummies, fewer colic sessions, and she just seems happier. So, perhaps the formula change is starting to work? We certainly hope so. She is so close to laughing now...and she's trying. I think she'll be laughing any day now. And her coos have changed over to babbles of some sort. Not quite babbling, but sorta in the middle.

Our nights have still been a mess. I think daylight savings time and this current growth spurt have her all messed up. I was up the majority of the night last night with her. She's turned into my little hungry monster. She went from eating 24oz per day to 30oz! Of course, I think she'll taper back down to around 25-26oz once this growth spurt ends. Plus, she now weighs 10lbs. She gained over half a pound in less than a week. Despite the sleepless nights the past 3-4 weeks, she's doing great. I do get one random night where she'll sleep perfectly, but I think there are so many changes going on developmentally that it's just messing with her. Plus, she's starting to enjoy being up for the day and hanging out with us. Before, she'd only be content for 15-20 minutes, then my little screamer would start up. Plus, she's starting to nap consistently throughout the day. Not every time, but it's a HUGE difference.

Her personality is starting to show more and more. I think she's going to be a very active child...into everything. Much like my brother was (and still goes a million miles per minute even as an adult).

Here's a random photo explosion from the past week.

I had my ultrasound to check for gallstones last week, and they didn't find anything. Which is a good and a bad thing. I'm still having symptoms of something. Constant nauseousness, abdominal pain, and hot flashes with dizzy spells. Plus, I keep losing weight. I'm not complaining about the weight loss, but I have barely worked out in the past month and I'm still consistently losing a pound per week. But, that could be because I'm active all day long and I'm still eating pretty healthy. And, clumps of my hair have decided to start falling out. I'm talking huge clumps. So, I've gotta do more testing. I have a feeling it's issues from HELLP syndrome, which I can have life-long problems with now...or maybe my body is just trying to adjust from it? I don't know. It's annoying, anyway. And my symptoms are so much worse 10 minutes after I eat anything...whether it be healthy or not-so-healthy. Oh well..hopefully it will either stop or we'll eventually get to the bottom of it.

I'm getting super excited about the holidays. I'm even debating going ahead and putting up our Christmas decor next weekend, even though I know that's a little cray...but I would like to be able to enjoy the scenery.

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