Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Day in the Life...

A Day in the Life of Ashley and Madeline

I'm a member of a popular social site dedicated towards women trying to conceive, pregnancy, and moms. This week, I was chosen to do the "Day in the Life of" segment. I chose to do today, because I thought it'd be a little easier considering I'd have Tommy's help.

Beware, this will be a long, photo heavy post!

My day started out with a feeding at 6am. Madeline went to bed the night before at 10pm, and stirred a few times during the night, but awoke hungry and ready to eat at 6am. So, thankfully, I did got some sleep last night. During the past 2 weeks I've been lucky to get 1-2 hours of sleep per night due to  a "wonder week" and now a growth spurt. She went back to sleep after her feeding, stirred for about 20 minutes, but was asleep around 7am.

I decided to get up around 8:30am. I would have loved to sleep in longer and take advantage of Madeline "sleeping in" (We are usually up between 7am-8am), but I had cleaning to do and errands to run. So, here's me getting ready while Madeline sleeps. Yes, I'm sitting in the sink. Why you ask? I don't really have a legitimate reason, except for the fact that I've done this since I was a teen....and I haven't stopped.

As I was finishing getting ready, my sweet baby girl decided to get up at 9:20am. Wow. She slept so late for her! YAY!!!! As you can see below, this is my favorite time of day. 

Time for a diaper change, outfit change, and feeding.

Before I head off to Target and Z Gallerie, we take a photo op together:

 So, I'm off running my errands and Tommy is left to be Commander-in-Chief.  I run my errands, come home, and Madeline has eaten again, napped, and up for a bit. However, it's time for an outfit change due to spit up.

Here's what I bought little Miss Madeline at Target:

Next, it's nap time again, so I rock Madeline before I place her in her swing. However, she didn't stay asleep for long, but went back for a brief nap.

Finally, I can enjoy a cup of cappuccino. It's now 1pm. (Made in my awesome Dolce Gusto Creativa).

While she's napping, I'm getting her stuff together to go to Gammy and Poppy's (my parents) who asked if they could babysit during the afternoon. And, we are off.

Tommy and I hang out just for a bit.


Time for a little adult time at a local pub and a much needed glass of wine.

About two hours later, we are bored, and decide to go back and hang out with my parents before heading home.

Once home, Madeline napped, while I finished the final touches on our dining room.

Next, we decide it's time for a bath, dinner, etc.

Time to make her food for the next day, warm her bottle. She was not pleased that she had to wait. She was a hungry monster.

She eats, I rock her, place in swing....and she was out for about 15 mintues. I then decide it's time to blog. Tommy's rocking her now, but I suspect she's not going to go back to sleep until her next feeding. It is currently 9pm and she will eat next between 9:30pm-10pm. After her feeding, I will try to put her down for the night in her Nap Nanny...pray that she sleeps well...and repeat! Whew. I'm pooped.

The day has literally been nonstop. I haven't had a break, and won't get one until bedtime around 10:30-11pm (we hope at least).

Although, the past couple of months have been stressful, challenging, and exhausting...I would not change it for the world. I'm so thankful and blessed to have my beautiful daughter. My life finally feels complete.

***Quick Update***

Since Madeline has been on her hypoallergenic formula, there has been a change. Her gas is no longer painful. This is *great* news. It will take another 1-2 weeks to really see the full results. She's also still in her newborn clothing and diapers, but I'm moving her to size 1 diapers next week. Hopefully, they'll fit.  She has finally been able to fit into her newborn sleepers during the past week. They're still somewhat big, but that's fine. At least she has some growing room. We also weighed her the other night and she is 9lbs, 3 oz. So, she dropped a bit during the past week instead of gaining, but nothing to be concerned about. She has been eating like crazy the past few days due to her current growth spurt.

I have an ultrasound on Monday morning to verify I indeed have gallstones. Although, I'm pretty positive based on my symptoms. We shall see. I have also been advised both by my OB and GP that I should refrain from having any more children. Because of the combination of my severe HELPP syndrome and Madeline's asymmetrical IUGR, it would be in my best interest to not conceive any more children. It could be life threatening to myself and/or a potential baby. I'm not devastated...I think Tommy's more disappointed than I am. However, it would be nice to have the option to have more children. I'm content with an "only." I can still technically get pregnant and my pregnancy go smoothly, but it would be considered high risk...and well, I could be risking my life.

Okay, I've gotta relieve Tommy of his "rocking" duties, follow our bedtime procedures, then hopefully I'll be peacefully asleep in the next 2 hours. *fingers crossed*

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