Tuesday, October 29, 2013

And now I'm hungry

We had such a fabulous time with Connie this past weekend. It's so great to see that she hasn't changed a bit. She still looks exactly the same, too We had margaritas, went boutique shopping, had dinner, and visits with Madeline. Hopefully, we'll see her again very soon!

I have no idea what's on agenda for the remainder of the week....besides that Madeline is going through Operation Tantrum Terrors. Today was awful. I might have cried. She had a tantrum about everything. But, she had a low fever yesterday, one of her molars is finally cutting, and she's had a bit of a cold. Granted, she could have just had a bad day. Unfortunately, I am not sipping on a glass of wine right now as I type. She did have a great time in her class as usual. Perhaps tomorrow will be much better.

I'm going through a cooking rut right now. I cook 6 days per week, which I enjoy. I try my best to cook a healthy meal, but I have to keep prep time, cook time, and on the table within 20-30 minutes. On days when Tommy's in the office, I cook easy meals like pasta, crockpot meals, or baked chicken breasts and steamed veggies. It's difficult cooking with a toddler...that's for sure. Thankfully, Tommy is home most days and he watches Madeline while I cook. With that being said, I'm getting sick of my rotation. I'm open to any suggestions. I'm really not a fan of convenience foods. We will have a frozen pizza (Freschetta Brick Oven which is so yummy) once a month and I'll make boxed mac and cheese every now and then....but that's about it. However, if there is a delicious convenience meal that is also healthy, I'm all ears. Don't get me wrong...it doesn't have to be 100% healthy, but it needs to meet the food groups.

Anyway, like a I said, I haven't a clue what we are up to the rest of the week. Maybe the park tomorrow.

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