Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mindless Banter

My brain is going a million miles per minute. Not really, but I'm thinking back from the past week and everything now is a blur. Let's see...oh, yes, last weekend we..oh wait...what in the world did we do? Ummm...seriously, I don't remember. Ah, I was sick...sick for a week straight. I definitely remember that and it was awful. I'm assuming it was some type of sinus infection. I usually get 2 every year - once in the Spring, once in the Fall. I remember running a few errands and seeing our parents...other than that, I have seem to have forgotten. Perhaps I should pick up some ginkgo biloba on my next Target run.

Anyway, I started feeling better midweek, and I'm slowly getting back to my normal self. We weighed Madeline the other night and she's now 9lbs, 5 oz. She's really into chewing on her hands, and she started swatting at her toys on her playmat. This week has been rough on our sleep. She's had several upset tummies, and a stuffy nose. We broke out the Nose Frida I mentioned awhile back and it did the trick. Using the thing is nasty...but hey, whatever works. I've also had to already switch her to Level 2 nipples, because she was starting to take 45 minutes to eat 3oz, and was getting frustrated and fussy with the bottle. Thankfully, it worked and it's also allowed her to eat slightly more...which is a good thing since she was eating below the recommended amount.

Ray-Ray and Madeline

It's going to be cold this weekend. I like "cool" weather, but not cold. We might try out our outdoor fireplace. Yes, that sounds like a fantastic idea. Tommy can make his chili, we can roast marshmallows, invite friends over, enjoy some wine....yeah, I think I'm up for that. However, I do have errands to run, our dining table is being delivered, and I'm behind on some cleaning. So, it's going to be busy. Speaking of my dining table, I decided to do away with the branch centerpiece and the two vases I's just not going to work, but I've come up with something else that I'm excited about. I'll post the final product once I have it decorated.

Oh, I just remembered to mention that Tuesday was our anniversary (See, it's all coming back to me now). Tommy had secretly planned a nice dinner out to Park Cafe (parents were going to babysit), but he spilled the beans over the weekend, and I asked him to cancel. Not that I didn't want to go, but I was sick and exhausted and I wouldn't have been able to even taste the food. So, we'll go and do something soon to celebrate. Here are a few wedding photos to look back on:

My brain needs a that's it for me for now.


  1. Happy Anniversary - waaaay late! We have to get together soon, I need some Madeline time :)!

    1. Thank you!! Stop by anytime :) Or maybe we can come over there soon.