Thursday, October 4, 2012

Go, Go, Go

I haven't posted the past week, because I've been pretty, I really don't have anything too exciting or interesting to post. Madeline is doing well, still having screaming fits, but that's okay. I spend at least 8-12 hours in a 24 hour period rocking her back and forth....which makes me start randomly swaying throughout the day when I'm not holding onto her. It's funny when I catch myself doing it. My abs are getting a great workout!

I weighed Madeline today and she's now 8lbs exactly. My scale does show ounces, but she was 8 lbs right on the dot. I just weigh myself first, then hold her. She looks much bigger in photographs than she actually is in person.

We started her nightly routine, which is going well. She's loving the baths. Until we get this routine down and consistent, we really can't do anything past 6pm. We start the routine around 7pm and it usually runs until 10pm-11pm, depending on if the colic appears. And, we are definitely not going to take a known colicky baby out of the house past 6pm. She'll just end up screaming the whole time.

I actually have to try to bathe myself between 4pm-5pm, then I start cooking between 5pm-6pm, depending on Madeline's feeding time. So, the nightly rituals really start in the early evening. Of course, there will be exceptions when there are events that are necessary to attend. For instance, Tommy's 20 year high school reunion is coming up (yes, you read that correctly...20 YEARS. He's 10 years my senior), so my Mom and Nana (who is coming in town - yay) are going to babysit Madeline at our house and follow the night time routine. I'm not really comfortable being away at night just yet, because I know how difficult they can be, but this is definitely an exception, plus we will be home by 9pm. I think in the next 4-6 weeks when we get our night time routine down, and Madeline's colic calms down, it'll be a little different. For now, it is what it is. Oh, and I did try the Colic Calm, and it did nothing.

With that being said, we typically make plans in the afternoons. Either having people over, or my parents will babysit for a couple of hours and we go somewhere nearby. That way, we aren't spending all of our time away driving.

I've reached my goal weight, and have decided that I'd like to lose maybe 3-5 more pounds, but nothing more. The remaining weight will have to come off by intense workouts, which I'm still unable to do since I'm still recovering. (Yes, still.) I'm continuing to walk in combination of Tracy Anderson's DVD...which has been a big help. My abs are improving everyday, and are no longer pillowy. I'm not really burning many calories doing pilates, though. Oh well. I'm not going to push it until I'm completely healed. I'm very proud of myself for the weight loss. I've retrained my eating habits, portion sizes, and diet. I feel great!

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