Monday, February 6, 2012

11 Weeks and Counting

I'm starting to get very antsy about knowing the gender of our baby! I decided not to get the Intelligender test after reading more reviews, and it was $45 at CVS. Instead, we're going to do a 3d ultrasound at 16wks for gender determination. I know it's only 2 weeks sooner than my anatomy scan at the doctor's office, but I am getting impatient. There's a chance they'll give me a hint next Monday at our NT Scan, but it's likely that it won't be 100% accuracy.

I did make my first baby purchase this weekend (Well, other than my diaper stock pile I've started). I bought the JJ Cole Teal Fleur Norah Diaper Bag! I figured it's gender neutral, and Tommy is going to buy a "man bag" for the baby. I had to pre-order it, so I most likely won't receive it until the end of February. Of course, there's no rush.

Saturday, I headed to the mall for my first time in 6 months. Shopping is something that I have drastically cut back on since getting laid off. I used to go shopping every week, and spent embarrassing amounts on apparel. Those days are now over! The mall still had the same enticing smell, sparkly lights, and shiny displays. for a former avid shopper, it was intoxicating. I decided that I wanted to get a few maternity items for this summer. I headed to Motherhood, located in Macy's, and they didn't have hardly anything - all still winter attire. So, I went to Pea in the Pod. They had a few cute pieces, but nothing that was exciting - still mostly winter clothing. I did try on the 7-8 month belly. I have to admit, it didn't look as bad as I thought it long as I don't gain weight anywhere It was so uncomfortable, but I'll have to get used to that.

After trying on shorts, I realized that I've lost some tone since gorging on carbs and stopping Zumba and weights. So, I ordered Summer Sander's Prenatal Pilates/Yoga DVD from Amazon (only $12.99). I plan on doing this 3x per week, along with my trips to the gym. The mirror and awful retail lighting was a definite reminder that I will indeed have to show my legs in a only a few months. Hopefully, it will do the trick!

Yesterday, I baked cupcakes and made my chili con queso dip for Super Bowl Sunday. Also, my Dad came over and repaired our drywall for us! The total cost was $50, saving us $650...which I will take any day! We still have one more set of sanding/drywall mud to do tonight, but we'll have it done by Wednesday at the latest. Sunday night, Lance and Shellie hosted a Super Bowl Party. I have to admit that the only part of Super Bowl that I enjoy are the delicious foods. I don't watch the game at all. Shellie has become my go to on anything pregnancy and baby related! I'm so happy I have her to educate me on everything that I was/am completely ignorant about!

Today, I made a designed a custom crib bedding set if we have a girl. Tommy and I also picked out a boy and girl crib set this weekend. As you can tell, I'm having baby buying fever!

Custom Baby Girl Bedding Set - Ignore the grey blanket on the left side - would not let me customize.

Boy "Zoology" Crib Bedding - We both LOVE this set.

"Harper Mini-Dot Crib Bedding" by Pottery Barn - I'd also add in a few grey accents.

We're hoping to have our house listed on Thursday this week...which is very exciting. Previously, there were 6 homes listed in our subdivision and in the past 4 months all of them have sold. We'll actually be the only home listed in our neighborhood, which is awesome. I am confident that we will sell this time around. The market is definitely picking up!

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