Sunday, February 19, 2012


I've been in my pajamas all weekend! Well, Saturday/Sunday thus far, anyway. I'm enjoying our "lazy" weekend. I have still worked out (at home), cleaned, and right now I'm baking a cake. It's been nice to enjoy some relaxation time. However, I'm a little bummed we didn't have any showings this weekend, but the weather has been crappy, so I'm not surprised. Also, our showing went really well on Friday. The agent told me that her client was seriously thinking about putting in an offer, then she called back for our property disclosure. But, I haven't heard anything....yet. So, our fingers are crossed for a strong offer!

We did have a dusting of snow this morning, but it has already melted away. I'm really bummed that we haven't had a big snow this year. There's still time, but it's going to be in the 50s this week, so very unlikely. I will say that I am very ready for Spring! Bring on the sunshine and warmth!

I'm not sure what's in store the rest of the day...we might actually venture out and I'll have to get

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