Wednesday, February 8, 2012


After experiencing an unseasonably warm winter with sunshine and highs in the 50s and 60s, today is a rude awakening that it is indeed still winter. It's a cold, dreary, cloudy day.

Monday and Tuesday were spent sanding, mudding, and painting our drywall repair. I literally spent 4 hours trying to match paint to our existing color. I had to mix several different paint colors together to try to match it, and I still failed. And for the record, "color matches" at Home Depot do not work, either. So, the paint just isn't going to match, and the perfectionist in me is going to have to get over it. We still have to nail the trim back up...I'm waiting on Tommy to get this done. He's more of a procrastinator, where I am the type that likes to get everything completed as soon as possible. But it must be done tonight!

Earlier I had to venture out into the cold and buy groceries. My pregnancy cravings have turned to citrus fruit. Anything citrus sounds amazing to me! I came home, and decided to try Progresso's Loaded Potato Soup with Bacon with a large glass of OJ. First, I'll say that the can is huge, and a serving for 2 people. So, I added half of a can to a pan on the stove top to warm. I added in cayenne (of course), black pepper, onion powder, garlic, and just a touch of Italian seasoning. It was actually pretty decent for a canned soup. But, it definitely needed the extra seasoning, otherwise it's a typical bland canned soup.

I was going to work out today even though it's my gym day off, but I'm exhausted. My energy level has definitely gone up the past week, but I'll over do it, then crash. The rest of my day will be spent either cleaning, or let's be honest, on the couch. It's the perfect couch day.

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