Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mission Accomplished

I got up around 7:20 this morning and decided to conquer a large project. I needed to get the house in tip top shape in order to put it back on the market. After cleaning out closets, pantries, steaming the carpets, getting the spare bedrooms in order, loads of laundry, etc., I am finished! Such a relief! I am surprised that it only took me 4 hours to complete. Originally, I was just going to complete one project at a time, but I had a sudden surge of energy today. I do want to rave about my at home steam cleaner, SteamVac FH50010 by Hoover. I've had other steam cleaners by Bissell and they weren't very good. I scored this one on Amazon for about $60 with cleaner, and so far it's lasted me two years.

We still do have a few small items to complete. I'd like to get extra flowers for the patio and front porch, and I need Tommy's help with a couple of items. And of course, we need to repair the drywall and door molding strip from the termite damage. I got the quote back yesterday and it was astronomically high at $700! We literally have a 2.5ft x 6inch drywall area that needs to be repaired and one strip on the door that needs to be cut and glued on. The materials are only $20, so they are basically charging $680 for labor. And, it's about a 1 hour project. I don't think so. We might use our handyman, or we might just repair it ourselves. Definitely would save us some money!

To reward myself for my efforts today, I am going to grab Tom Kha Gai and a Crunchy Shrimp Roll for lunch. Yes, the sushi roll is cooked, so it's safe to eat. Then, I'm going to pick up an Intelligender Test. The Intelligender is an at home test you can use to predict the sex of your baby starting at 10wks. It's only 80% accurate, but I think it will be fun to do. I'll probably wait until this weekend to take it so Tommy and I can do it together. We'll get our "real" results on gender during my 18wk ultrasound...which will be the end of March.

Since I probably have already burned at least 350 calories cleaning today, I'm skipping the gym and taking Sophie for a walk. I cannot believe how gorgeous this weather is for February. It's 63 degrees and sunny. I'm starting to get Spring fever!

I'm off to go grab my delicious lunch! Have a great day!

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