Sunday, April 8, 2012


First, Happy Easter!!! I'm happy to announce that I'm officially 20 Weeks along today, and I'm starting on my 6th month of pregnancy. I will admit that the weeks/months is confusing. Pregnancy is actually 10 months long - not 9 months - so this week begins my 6 month marker. I'm halfway through!!! Yay!!

I'm thankful to have a healthy baby, as far as we know, and no worries or concerns. I know her cyst will eventually go away. It's very, very common and nothing to worry about. Back in the day, they simply didn't have the technology to see what they can see now, so it was virtually unheard of. Cysts happen frequently now, and my doctor has reassured us that it is nothing to worry about. We just need to verify that her other two heart chambers look good. Hopefully, she'll comply with us on our next ultrasound.

This weekend, we worked on our garage and visited our families. Today, we went over Ray and Sandra's for Easter lunch and had an Easter Egg Hunt for Tyler and Katie. Taking photos of moving children has proved to be a difficult task. I tried, but gave up. A couple photos are below. Aren't they adorable?

I'm crossing my fingers that more listings pop up this week, and we can go house hunting again. We'll see. Our house is driving me nuts. I have boxes everywhere, and I loathe clutter. It's just a part of moving, but it's still annoying at the same time.

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