Wednesday, April 25, 2012


It's been a little hectic over here the past week, to say the least. The good news is that we are moving - YAY! We are closing on our current home next Wednesday, May 2nd. However, we are waiting to hear back from our seller's on the new house if we can move in early before we close. I am really praying that we will be able to do so. Otherwise, we'll have to move twice within 2 weeks...and it will cost us about an extra $1k. So, let's just hope that we can get over this little hurdle and all parties will be happy and comply.

The next week is going to be stressful. However, to keep my own sanity under control, I devised a planned list for daily tasks that need to get done. This is the only way it calms my anxieties down on big projects. Here's my to do list:

Today: Steam carpets, deep clean house, buy XL packing boxes, schedule movers, change utilities
Tomorrow: Errand day - Will be gone all day long
Friday: Packing kitchen, and misc. decor items
Saturday: Shopping day for new appliances, fixtures, etc.
Sunday: Pack up any remaining misc. items (in garage, artwork, etc.) Spackle walls.
Monday: Confirm movers, utilities, etc. Schedule install quotes for new home for Thursday/Friday
Tuesday: Deep clean day, prepare for movers, etc.
Wednesday: Moving Day!!!! Need I say more?

And then, the following 2-3 weeks will be spent on unpacking the house, updating fixtures, etc. Basically, the next month is going to be extremely busy. I am the type of person who has to get everything done right away. I hate procrastination. I'm definitely a "work hard, then play" type A personality. I'm sure I'm going to drive Tommy crazy. But, unpacking is always easier/faster than packing and my parents are helping us with changing out fixtures, paint, etc. So, we will have help.

Speaking of help, I have a hard time accepting it from friends. Leia, Shelby, and I went to dinner last night, and they graciously offered to help us with our move. I don't know whether it's my pride, control freak inside, or guilt...but it's hard for me to say yes. I feel that it's our responsibility. I don't know, it's something I definitely need to work on.

Now on to a quick Madeline update: She's been kicking more and more daily. She's most active around 10pm. Most babies sleep during the day, and awake at night due to daily movement. It's such a weird, but cool feeling. Tommy is still unable to feel her from the outside of my belly, but I'm sure in the next 2 weeks that will change. My bump is also growing. I think she went through a growth spurt the past 2 weeks since I was basically starving at all times of the day. The constant hunger has subsided for now.

22.5 Week Photos:

I'm still in all my regular clothing, however, it definitely fits a little differently. I'm at the pudgy stage of pregnancy. Some of my tops just make me look like I have grown a beer belly, not a baby. I predict I'll be in this stage for another 3-4 weeks, and then my belly will "pop." Surely, I should be breaking out my Bella Bands in the next couple of weeks...but I've been saying that for 2 months. My next OB appointment is this coming Monday, so I'll find out if I gained any weight this month. I'm sure I least I know I have in my tummy, unless I lost elsewhere.

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