Tuesday, April 3, 2012


The past week has been stressful, exciting, and exhausting. We sold our house! Yay. However, it's not official until we actually close. Lance and I went house hunting on Friday, without much luck. A month ago, there were several potential homes on the market that would have been perfect, however, they are selling within just a couple of days. So, now there aren't many homes on the market that fit our criteria. I keep checking multiple times per day to see if any new listings have been added, and so far nothing. It looks like we will be staying with my parents until we close on a new home. Our tentative close date is April 27th, but that can always change.

Yesterday, we had our anatomy scan. Everything looked good, but Madeline does have a cyst on her brain. Our doctor said this is quite common and it should go away by the time my next appointment comes around, and it's not a concern at the moment. I also have to go back and have an ultrasound again because we were only able to peak at 2 chambers of the heart, and not all four. So, we'll do that at my next appointment on April 30th. And, I lost another pound...and I'm back at my starting weight. My doctor is not concerned at all, and said I'll most likely gain most of it in the 3rd trimester and not to worry.

I started packing a bit today, but I need larger boxes. Publix is giving me their boxes early Thursday morning, so I can pack all weekend. It is a daunting task....even though, a lot of our stuff is already in boxes. We have several items that we are going to donate to charity, and we also have a junk removal company scheduled for Saturday, April 14th. We literally have a garage full of stuff....so hopefully, 90% of this will all be gone. I definitely don't want to be bringing anything we haven't used and/or won't use in our new home. Did I mention that I have a severe hatred for clutter? I cannot stand it. So, whatever we can toss or donate, we are doing it!

It looks like we will probably have to use a POD Storage system and movers...which is expensive, but that looks like our only option at the moment. Even if we are under contract on a new home this week, it would be unlikely that we'd close in under 25 days.

Since I'm going to be pretty slammed this next few weeks, I most likely won't be posting as much. And, I apologize again for the lack of photos. I've just been going and going.

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