Wednesday, March 14, 2012


The past two days have been fantastic! I was so excited yesterday that I forgot to update about Monday's OB check up. We did not have an ultrasound, but we listened to the baby's heartbeat on the doppler, and went over more specific NT Scan results. Basically, the results were great. And, I've only gained 1lb total since conception. I have yo-yo'd a bit, losing, gaining, but for now, it's just 1lb up and it's all in my belly. My OB is not concerned at all about the weight and said we have plenty of time to gain. I'm pretty surprised, actually. I was a little afraid to get on the scale, because I thought I gained over what I should. I've eaten healthier the past month, but I'm still giving into my cravings...more than I actually should. (As I type, I'm munching on a chocolate chip cookie).

Previously, I posted a custom baby girl bedding set. I've decided to go with a different company and fabrics. Unfortunately, they do not allow me to save my custom image. But, I can show you fabric swatches! I've decided to go with a hot pink, gray, and white themed room. Silvery gray walls, white furniture and accents, pink and white bedding/drapes, grey sheets, grey glider and pillows, and a white acrylic chandelier. I have this all visually prepared in my head....I hope it turns out exactly how I have it pictured. I might add in a touch of pale yellow (teeny bit of it), but I'm not sure yet. I ordered my swatches yesterday, so hopefully, they will be arriving soon. Below are my fabric swatches:

On Saturday, Tommy and I are going to go register at Babies R Us...we are so excited! I think this might be the only store we register at...I was a bit disappointed with Target and Babies R Us has a huge selection of everything we need. I've done my research on products and Shellie has been a big help, too.

Michelle and my Aunt Sandee are starting to plan our shower! Leia and Shelby also wanted to throw us a shower, but we'd prefer just they'll help out. Our shower is scheduled for Saturday, June 9th. I'm so excited!

The past two days have been gorgeous....82 and sunny. I ditched the gym and my DVD and went for 1 hour walks each day, and I actually got some much needed sun! I have tan lines! Since it's going to be in the upper 70s for the next 10 days, I decided that I needed to do sunless tanning. In the past, I've used Versa Spa at Sun Tan City. It's truly awesome, but expensive. I ended my membership ($85 per month) when I was laid off last summer. If you want to try it, do the medium-clear with hydration. It's nothing like Mystic Tan which leaves you orange and only lasts for a couple of days. It would last anywhere from 8-12 days with proper moisturizing, and the color was very natural. So, instead, I'm using L'Oreal's Sublime Bronze. Previously, I've used the gel version, but I am out. I noticed that I had an unopened box of the towelettes, so I tried it. It's not as sticky as the gel, but it's hard to tell where you've applied it. And, the box said "For best results use within 6 months." I think I've probably had this stuff for over a year, so I might turn into an orange, splotchy oompa loompa. I'll find out before I shower in the morning.

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