Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Reveal

Yesterday, I was very calm all day long.....until evening. Then, anxiety kicked in. I was so nervous and excited about our gender scan today. I was also really hoping that the baby would cooperate with us!

During the night, I tossed and turned. I had dreams all night long about the ultrasound. All dreams pointed to a baby boy. I got up early this morning, and anxiously awaited our appointment. I was so anxious I was getting nauseous!

My parents and Ray were able to meet us at the imaging facility to share the good news. We went into the room, and my nerves were soon calmed. The room was actually pretty cool - the parents sat on a couch with a big screen to stare out, while Tommy and I were behind them doing the actual ultrasound. So, it wasn't awkward at all with everyone staring at my tummy. And, the bed itself I was laying on was super comfortable.

During the beginning of the ultrasound, the baby was not cooperating. The baby has to be in a very particular position in order for the gender scan to be revealed. I had even eaten cereal for breakfast and had a tall glass of orange juice before we left (OJ is recommended so the baby will be active). So, I was beginning to think that were just weren't going to find out today. The ultrasound tech had me try shaking around, moving in other positions, etc. to get the baby to move....and FINALLY it worked.

We soon found out that we are having a little baby GIRL! My intuition all along was girl, and everyone around me thought the baby would be a girl...but I figured it was due to me being such a girly-girl and no one could picture me with a little boy. I asked the ultrasound tech how accurate this reading was, and he said 99.9% positive...and from the photos and screen...it was very evident that this is indeed a little girl.

I've always wanted a little girl, but always thought I'd end up having boys. So, this is super exciting! Tommy and I still disagreeing on names, and I'm sure we won't decide until birth at the rate we're going.

The ultrasound itself felt like an eternity....but we were
only in there for 15 minutes! We received several photos and a DVD of the ultrasound. I'd also like to point out that this was an elective gender ultrasound. My next appointment with my OB is on April 2nd for our anatomy scan. While we already know the gender, the scan is to make sure everything formed appropriately. From what I've seen so far, I'm not really worried about this scan.

And finally - I'd like to introduce our little girl....

This is a 3d Image

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