Monday, March 5, 2012

A Taste from Childhood

For the past few months, I have been craving cereal like crazy. I'm typically not a big cereal consumer, but I'm assuming I'm craving it due to the cereal's folic acid content. Folic acid is very important during pregnancy, and I do get my daily serving through my prenatal vitamin. I'm not just craving any cereal....I'm craving cereals from my childhood. Captain Crunch Berries, Fruity Pebbles, and Apple Jacks. These cereals do taste a little different to me now that I'm an adult....they are actually less sweet. I wonder if the recipe's have been altered to make them a little bit more healthy? Not really sure. Along with cereal, I'm craving milk. I hate milk. Of course, I'll have milk mixed with other ingredients, but I never before drank a glass of milk. Now I find myself drinking all of my remaining cereal milk out of the bowl and wanting more. I guess it's just my body telling me that the baby wants calcium.

In one week, we find out if our little baby is a boy or girl. I am so anxious, nervous, and excited! Thankfully, I have a busier week than usual, so at least my time will be occupied. AND - I am actually finally starting to feel better!

My mother cooked her phenomenal homemade chicken and dumplings for lunch for us. I ate two bowls, then we took a large batch home (I also ate them for dinner). I could eat them everyday. This is definitely my favorite childhood home cooked meal....well, and my mom's fried chicken tenders with fries.

Yesterday during our open house venture with my parents, we did stumble upon one home that has excellent potential. It was on my list, but did not have an open house yesterday, so we decided to drive by and just peak in. We looked through the windows in the front, then headed to the backyard. Of course, I just had to check to see if the back door was locked (agent's frequently forget to lock garages and back doors), and sure was open. Okay, so I know we probably shouldn't have gone in, but it saved Lance's time and the agent's time getting to see it on our own. At first glance, the house needs a lot of work. The kitchen needs updating, all new flooring in the home, new fixtures, paint, etc. If we spent around $20K on renovations, it would be an amazing house. But, the floorplan was phenomenal....I mean awesome. It really has a ton of potential. Lance is finding out a little more details on the home (it's a foreclosure, but the past activity on the home has been a little bizarre). Right now, it's our top contender.

We went to 3 other "real" open houses. I was really excited about one, however, the floorplan just did not work for us. So, that house is unfortunately out. The next home we went to was right next door to a main road and the house itself felt creepy. Not only creepy, but the layout was strange. Then, we passed by a few homes on our "list" to see if they'd still be contenders....the basement home and the pool home. The basement home is in an excellent neighborhood, but the pool home's right corner is up against a busy street, so that one is probably out. Tommy and I will still take a look at it nonetheless. Then, we decided to hit an open house that was in a neighborhood that we previously ruled out. Well, we actually liked the neighborhood once we went back.....the house was pretty good, had an amazing yard, but there are a few obstacles with it...but we'll keep it on our list for now. And now this neighborhood is back on our list, and there are two other "potential" homes in this neighborhood we'd like to see. For the time being, we're just looking at open houses.

It's difficult not to get too excited about a new home when we're still waiting to sell ours. But, we're still getting a lot of traffic, so we just need more showings and/or an offer from a previous showing. After visiting these open houses, I get what agent's mean when they say our house shows well. It really does.

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