Sunday, January 29, 2012

Birthday Weekend

Today is my birthday and this year marks the remaining 365 days until I will be in my thirties! So, I will enjoy my 20s for one more year! Getting older really doesn't phase me - maybe it will once I hit the big 4-0, but who knows.

This was a very busy weekend with friends and family! Friday night, Leia and Shelby took me to Sopapillas (my favorite Mexican restaurant). I had the Tres Enchiladas which includes a shredded beef, shredded chicken, and cheese enchilada. When I say shredded beef and more like a pulled meat. Not at all like a typical Mexican restaurant. And, it is delicious. After dinner, Sopapillas gives you complimentary house made Sopapillas. Once again, these aren't what you'd think you'd get from a usual Mexican restaurant. I can only compare them to maybe a Beignet, but that's not exactly it, either. If you haven't been to Sopapillas must try it. Later on, Leia and Zach came over for a little while. Now that I'm pregnant, I just can't stay up and hang out until 2am anymore. On a good day, I can make it to 10-11pm, so it was an early night, but fun.
Pillowy, Soft Sopapillas. Even better when slathered in their Homemade Warm Honey

Shelby and I at Sopapillas

On Saturday, Ray and Sandra stopped by to say "Happy Birthday" and they gave me a GC for a mani/pedi which I'm excited about. I've been slacking on my nails, and I need it! So, I'll definitely be making an appointment soon. Later on, instead of going for our workout at the gym, we decided to enjoy the sunshine and take Sophie for a stroll around the neighborhood.

Saturday night, Tommy took me out to dinner for my birthday at Ruth's Chris. I was contemplating on what I was going to devour and I ended up going with the Lobster Tail and Filet combo with au gratin potatoes for my entree. I was weary about getting my steak cooked medium well, but I must say it wasn't as repulsive as I thought it would be. It was really good, actually. Of course, I also had Lobster Bisque and for dessert I tried the Banana Cream Pie. The Lobster Bisque was a little disappointing....they added too much Sherry. The Banana Cream Pie only survived halfway, and I took the rest home for leftovers. After dinner, we headed home and I think I went to bed at 9:00.
Steak and LobsterBanana Cream Pie

This morning, my parent's met us at Loveless for a birthday breakfast! Loveless is always delicious, and I went straight for the biscuits and ordered the Country Fried Steak and Hashbrown Casserole. I don't remember if I've posted about their Hashbrown Casserole, but it is the best in the entire world. And, I don't even normally like Hashbrown's just that good.

I'm enjoying a low key day for the remainder of my birthday. After all the eating I've done this weekend....I'm exhausted. I will say that this has been a gorgeous weekend! It's been cold, but sunny. Below is a random photo of a custom shirt I had made from Please excuse my bloat...I took this AFTER I ate Loveless (bad idea).
10 Weeks Today!

And, now I'm off to enjoy some leftovers from the weekend, then lay on the couch.


  1. Glad to hear you had a great bday weekend!! :) Since I missed wishing you a Happy Birthday, I'll wish you a very Happy Birthday WEEK!