Monday, January 23, 2012

Case of the Mondays

Oddly enough, Monday has become one of my favorite days of the week. Of course, this was not the case while I was working for corporate America. During the weekend, I rarely get anything productive accomplished. But on Mondays, I spring back and become myself again.

This weekend flew by. On Friday, Tommy and I stayed in and I cooked Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo. Normally, I would make my own recipe for Alfredo sauce, but I discovered Mario Batali's sauce at the grocery store and thought I'd give it a try. While, I am not a fan of canned pasta sauces, this one is marvelous. Honestly, it was better than my own homemade sauce and tasted like it came from an authentic Italian restaurant. It was rich, creamy, and flavorful. I only spiced it up with a few dashes of cayenne pepper to give it a kick, and it was superb. I will definitely be buying this sauce again!

Saturday morning, we decided to hit Athens Greek Restaurant for brunch. It was yummy as always. I enjoyed toast, eggs, sausage, and fruit. Later in the evening, we headed out to visit my parents and enjoyed an early dinner at J. Alexander's. First, I would like to comment on how the prices of drastically gone up at J's. Chicken Tenders are $18, a French Dip is $20. When did they get pricey? Oh well. It was divine. I had a huge craving for chicken tenders, fries, and Gruyere mac n cheese, so that's exactly what I had. I usually would go for their filet, but the chicken tenders are amazing! I was severely disappointed that they did not have their white chocolate cheesecake, but we all split the carrot cake (which I normally am not fond of) and it was great. Needless to say, Saturday was basically spent stuffing our faces.

On Sunday, we brought our smoker over to Lance and Shellie's house and hung out with Jay, Miranda, the kids, and of course Lance and Shellie. Shellie was so sweet and gave me her home doppler to use to hear the baby's heartbeat! Unfortunately, it's still too early for me to hear it....but that will change next week. I'm so excited!!!

Today is a day of errands, gym, and cleaning our mess up from the weekend. We had tornado warnings from 12:30am-2am last night, so I didn't get much sleep, and I do foresee a nap in my future.

OH! I must tell you about one of my new favorite soups. It's Campbell's Slow Kettle Tomato Bisque and it is excellent. I'm not really a tomato soup lover, either. But this soup is awesome! It's a little pricey for a grocery store soup at $3.69, but you can often find $1 or $1.50 off coupons at And, Publix Supermarket routinely has a Buy 1 Get One Promotion for the soup, too. Have I mentioned that I started couponing? Since couponing, I save an average of $40 per shopping trip. I'm definitely not a "extreme couponer" by any means.

I need to get my butt off to the gym! Signing off....

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