Wednesday, January 25, 2012


It is a nasty day today - cold and rainy. I got up this morning and immediately started my couponing. There were many great coupons in Sunday's paper this week. And, Publix's Buy 1 Get 1 promotion is right up my ally. I finished couponing, ran to Publix with my shopping list, and began my grocery trip. I checked out, and the manager commented on my couponing skills. He said he'd like to coupon, but doesn't have the extra time. I told him that I don't spend hours couponing. I just go over the grocery store's weekly circular, the Sunday paper coupons, and my stock coupons (from previous papers that I haven't used) and compare with my shopping list and the grocery store's sales for the week. And, I'll print coupons from or for items on my shopping list that are not on sale or were in the paper...if available. I spend between 30 minutes to 1 hour each week on coupons, depending on how large our shopping list is. I'll save anywhere from $30-$60 each week. (Basically, $1 per minute spent on couponing). Also, there's a misconception about coupons. Most people say "I don't coupon because there aren't coupons for staple items." However, this is incorrect. I always have coupons for milk, bread, cheese, cleaning products, etc. So, if you haven't tried it, I'd give it a try!

Anyway, on the way out of the grocery store, it started P-O-U-R-I-N-G. Of course, I'm soaking wet at the moment...including my hair. Good thing I went for a ponytail today.

Today is my day "off" from the gym. I get two days off per week, Wednesday and Sunday. However, with the way I've been eating, I probably should be going everyday. Since becoming pregnant, my appetite has severely increased. While I am usually a healthy eater, that has not been the case lately. From cheesecake, to Easy Cheese, to loads of bread...I'm eating everything in sight. Surprisingly enough, I've actually LOST 4 lbs. My metabolism is in high gear, and the baby is also eating some of the food, too. Contrary to popular belief, you aren't supposed to be "eating for two." During your 1st trimester, you should be only adding 200-300 calories per day. Which can easily be done by adding yogurt and toast...I'm definitely exceeding this, but I used to consume an average between 1,200-1,500 calories per day. But, I am getting lots of fruits and veggies in for the baby, so that's a plus.

I feel pretty good today. I have bad days and good days. For some reason, my morning sickness is in high gear on the weekends. I do have it daily, but as long as I'm snacking every 2-3 hours, it's tolerable. I'm just very sick of crackers at the moment. And, there's the exhaustion. I'll hit a wall around 3pm each day and have to take a nap. But, overall, I really shouldn't complain too much. I know other preggars who spend their days in agony.

Well, I better go dry myself off. Today is a perfect day for curling up on the couch and watching television. I think I'll just do that.

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