Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Exclusive

Warning! If you choose to read the following blog post (posted on January 18, 2012), you must agree to the following terms and conditions: You may not post, tag, comment, etc. any of this privileged information on Facebook. If you agree to the following statement, you may proceed with the following blog post.

So, did I get your attention? And I assume that you agree? If so, continue on.

I posted last month (Dec. 15th - Random Ramblings) that Tommy and I were on our journey to start a family. Well, we were successful in our attempts at becoming pregnant. That's right, I'm knocked up. I'm currently 8 weeks, 3 days p
regnant and my due date is August, 26th 2012. Today, we had our first ultrasound and everything looks great! We got to see the baby and its' heartbeat. Unfortunately, it was a little too early to hear the heartbeat on the doppler, but I am going back on February 1st to hear it! (Once you see or hear the heartbeat, you chance of miscarriage drastically reduces to 3%). And yes, there is only one heartbeat. Sorry Lance and's just a singleton. We are ecstatic!!!! I cannot tell you how happy I am.
(Photos are at the botto
m of this blog post).

So, I guess I'll fill you in on what
's been going on the last month. For starters, I'm an open book, so it's hard for me to keep anything hush hush. I'm great with other people's secrets, but for some reason, I just have a hard time holding my own. It's been really difficult not to post this on my blog. But, we are waiting until 13wks to post an official "Facebook Announcement," hence my terms and conditions.

Let me back track to my post on December 15th. Basically, (okay, some of this maybe TMI, my apologies) I started spotting and assumed my period was about to start....and I was so disappointed that my first round of Clomid 50mg days
5-9 was unsuccessful. (I was put on Clomid because I was not ovulating due to going of birth control pills). I went online, ordered more ovulation tests from Amazon (Wondfo's - $9 for 100 - such a steal) and I called Tommy crying telling him how disappointed I was. I was leaving for Texas the next day, so at least I had my trip to take my mind off it. I decided I'd bring a few pregnancy tests with me just in case. I had a great time on my trip, but on a whim (Sunday, December 18th) I decided to test, because I was going to have to start my 2nd round of Clomid on Monday...and I wanted to be 100% positive I wasn't pregnant before starting the medication.

I peed on my stick, hopped in the tub at my Nana and Papa's house, and then jumped out to see the results. Low and behold, there were 2 lines!!!! I called my mother into the bathroom to get her observation just to make sure my eyes were not pl
aying tricks on me. And, yes, she saw the second line. I called Tommy and told him the good news. He was excited and shocked, considering that I thought my period was starting (it ended up being implantation bleeding). He was still wondering if it was actually possible. I went into the living room and announced the news to Nana and Papa, and my dad. They were elated! But like Tommy, my dad was optimistically cautious. A few hours later, I grabbed a digital pregnancy test and decided to test again. And, yep, it said PREGNANT. I sent the photos to Tommy, and he felt more confident, but still wanted it verified by blood work, as well as Dad. Typical of men, right?

Two days later, I made it into my OB/GYN's office and took the blood test. Sure enough, it was positive and all my numbers were normal. We shared the good news with our parents and a few close friends that knew we were trying to conceive. Of course, they'd notice at some point that I wasn't drinking alcohol, anyway.

So, the reason why I mi
ght have seemed a little cranky on my blog lately is because I'm dealing with exhaustion, morning sickness, mood swings, etc.! Sorry about that. And, when I've referred to a special diet, change in exercise, life changing's all been due to the pregnancy. I feel good for the most part, just not my best. Yesterday, I received a care package from Bran and Michelle that included Reed's Ginger Chews (my new favorite treat), a pregnancy timeline journal, and a pregnancy instruction manual. It was so thoughtful and sweet!

And, last but not least...... here's our little peanut!!!!


  1. Congrats! Now for the loooong wait to find out if I have a niece or nephew on the way!

    1. Thanks, girl! I cannot wait to find out the's going to be such a LONG wait!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS ASHLEY!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)