Sunday, September 23, 2012

Catching Up

The past week has been extremely busy. Madeline's been so fussy, that it's been difficult to get anything done, but luckily this morning I had some time to catch up on a few things while Tommy watched her. She's sleeping now.

This week she's been more interested in objects. She'll watch different items now, smile at them, and gaze. It's really cute. Her head is getting my stronger as well, and her tummy time is going much better now. She loves her playmat, mirror, and light up toy. I need to find more light up toys, actually.

I can tell she's gaining weight consistently and I think she's coming off of her growth spurt. It's been a little difficult with feedings, judging how much food she wants to eat. I'm making sure she's getting the required amount, and then she's wanting a little more during this spurt. I can distinguish a hungry cry versus a sleepy cry...well for the most part. She's been gassier the past couple of days, which has her waking up super early - between 4-6am. I try to get her back to sleep, but it doesn't really work. Although, she is sleeping more through the night. The most she's gone is about 5 hours, but that's 6 hours between feedings. (Feedings take around 30 minutes, and the quickest I can get her down for bed is 30 minutes, but it's usually more like an hour or so...sometimes longer). Which means, we are both getting more sleep. Here's her night sleep schedule so you can get an idea:

8pm Feeding - usually asleep between 9pm-10pm
2am: Feeding - usually asleep by 3:15am 
6am: Feeding - not always falling back to sleep due to the insane gas
9am: Feeding - up for the day (with the exception of naps)

She's been on that schedule for about 5 days now, so I think she'll stick to it. She's been smiling a lot more, too. I can't wait until she starts laughing. She's still in her newborn clothes and diapers. I'm estimating that she'll still be in those for another 3-4 weeks, then move up to Size 1 diapers and clothing sized from 0-3 months. She's well stocked on 0-3 months clothing, but I do think she'll be in them for awhile. She's very lean and narrow.

She has been insanely fussy and a ravenous eater until my Mom watched her yesterday evening. She was a little angel. Maybe my Mom's the baby whisperer? I don't know, but she wasn't very fussy when we got home, either. We'll see how tonight goes. This was the first night in a couple of weeks that we didn't have massive meltdowns for hours.

I have my "official" post partum check up tomorrow morning that I'm dreading. I'm still not fully recovered, so I'm nervous. I've lost another pound and I've been great about my workouts. I'm actually about to go do my DVD, then Madeline and I will go for a walk this afternoon.

Below are a few photos. She's been a little wiggle worm lately so it's been difficult to get decent photos!

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