Monday, September 10, 2012


I just did my first Tracy Anderson Post Pregnancy workout, and first workout in about 4 months. I am not going to be able to move tomorrow, and I'm basically like a Jello pudding cup at the moment. It definitely kicked my butt and worked muscles I never knew I had. I would rate this workout as intermediate - advanced...but more on the advanced side. Of course, it was super challenging for me because I haven't worked my muscles in so long. The DVD mainly focuses on abs and a short, but effective, workout for legs and arms. I'm going to try to do this video 4x per week, then once I get my Cardio Dance workout, I'll alternate each.

We ended up having a pretty busy weekend. Ray and Sandra stopped by Friday evening to drop off a few goodies for Madeline. Sandra bought Madeline the sweetest Feltman Brothers dress and shoes, a monogrammed elephant that matches her room perfectly, and a cute outfit for winter. Isn't the dress and shoes adorable? I can't wait to get her pictures in it!

On Saturday evening, my parents came over and babysat Madeline while we ate a Local Taco and I indulged in my first margaritas of 2012. They make exceptional margaritas, however, pretty sweet. I stopped at two.

On Sunday, Zach and Leia came over to watch the football games and we had a shrimp boil.

Madeline has done very well the past few days. No vomit at all and minimal gas. She was pretty fussy, but she was constipated after the switch from breastmilk to formula, but I think she's better now. I still haven't caught up on sleep, even though she's been easier since using the Nap Nanny. I keep getting hot flashes and night sweats that keep me awake. I end up drenched. My engorgement is also 90% better, thank goodness. I bet today is my last day of dealing with it.

Tomorrow we have Madeline's 4 week check up (She'll be one month on Friday). I'm curious to see how much weight she's gained. My estimate is that she'll weigh 6.5 lbs.

I'm hoping to get in a nap this afternoon, but it's highly unlikely. She's always fussy when I try to nap! Oh well. I even attempted sleep at 8pm last night, and still no luck. I'm getting used to it. It's just extremely difficult for me to get up in the mornings.

And now off to feed!

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