Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I spoke too soon...

The past 48 hours have been heart wrenching watching Madeline. She was up basically 90% of the day/night with horrible, horrible gas, groaning and moaning pains, and awful spit up again (2-4 tablespoons, which would be considered vomit). Gas drops, gripe water, tummy massages, bicycle legs, etc. did not help, either. I didn't try the Windi again because she has been pooping regularly, so I know it's not because she's backed up. I called the pediatrician first thing this morning, and as I suspected...something in my milk is most likely the culprit for the extreme gas and reflux. However, since she's not projectile vomiting any longer, the Zantac is actually helping.

What does this mean? I've switched her to a soy based formula for now. I'm still pumping just in case, but we are thinking that she most likely has a dairy intolerance (most common). I can try process of elimination beginning with dairy for a week, then if that doesn't work grains for a week, acidity foods, fruits and veggies, and so on one at a time...but honestly, I can't take her being in so much discomfort and it could take weeks to figure out what exactly is the cause of the gas/reflux. Of course, all babies have gas and spit up, but this is an extreme case. If the soy based formula doesn't help, there is a sensitive version for reflux/gas that we will try next. Thankfully, my pediatrician gave us plenty of samples before we have to go out and buy any. We do have other formula that we bought, but we'll have to exchange it for the appropriate kind (it's unopened). I'm crossing my fingers that this first trial formula does the trick. We will still continue the Zantac.

She seems to be doing okay on the formula thus far. No spit up, minimal crying, no moaning and/or groaning sounds. Reflux is typically worse during the nighttime, so we'll see how tonight goes. Also, it will take a couple of days for the breast milk to get completely out of her system.

Like I said, I am still pumping just as a precaution, but now I get to look forward to engorgement. I'm so not excited! I'm just going to start pumping less each day...and hopefully within a week it'll do the trick.

I'd really like some sleep tonight. I've had 0 in the past 48 hours. Poor Madeline, I feel awful for her. But, she is doing better already.

 *Fingers Crossed*


  1. Hang in there! We tried lots of different formulas before we found the one that worked, but we eventually did and things got a lot better! Get you some earplugs, hand her off to Tommy and get some sleep!!!

  2. Thank you! Hopefully, we'll find the right formula quickly...