Saturday, September 1, 2012

Off and On

The screaming fits have continued. Sometimes more during the day, or vice versa. Oh well. I'm getting used to it, and hopefully it'll end in the next few weeks. I'm also hoping that Madeline can go more than 2.5 hours without eating in the upcoming weeks. Since I feed "on demand," she determines her schedule...which could last months or a few weeks. She makes sure she wakes up and lets us know that it has indeed been 2.5 hours and she's clockwork. It's actually kinda crazy how on the dot she is with her feeding schedule.

She's been very gassy the past 24 hours. I haven't eaten anything out of the ordinary, so I'm not sure if it's a reaction to the Zantac. She has stopped violently throwing up, so that's great. She's still spitting up, but nothing like before, so it must be working.

We have a very busy weekend. I'm having the opportunity to blog, because I'm waiting on my hair color to process (thanks, Mom). This evening we are having a cookout at my parent's house with my Aunt and Uncle who have yet to meet Madeline. Then tomorrow, we have the twins' 4th birthday party at Lance and Shellie's. We won't be able to stay long at either location, since evenings always prove to be difficult. Nonetheless, we are going to attempt both outings.

I posted awhile back about Coppola's Intense RX Keratin treatment. Well, I caved and decided to buy it for my nasty hair. It's helping, but it's still not 100% normal. I know this sounds totally vain, but my hair has to be disgusting after carrying a baby the past 10 months? Sigh. I've been warned by several mommies that it might start falling out in clumps in the next couple of months. I've spent the past year growing my hair out...and now that it looks like death...I should probably cut it off. I'm going to keep it for awhile, unless it starts looking even worse. At least the Coppola treatment is working somewhat. Without it, it's awful. I also pile on all my other products, but they don't really do much.

I know I said I was going to post belly progression photos, however, my stomach actually looks like it did before, so I don't have a "progression" to post. I just need to tone it back up. I'm surprised I haven't really lost any weight - only half a pound - since Sunday. So, now I have 6lbs to go. I'm still wearing my Bellefit, but I'm not sure if it's doing much anymore. It's starting to loosen up. I think I'm going to give it 2 more weeks just in case. I'm excited to get my Tracy Anderson Post-Pregnancy DVD late next week. I just hope I'm able to do it physically and/or have the time to do it.

It's hard to believe that Madeline is almost 3 weeks (on Sept. 4). It feels like we just got home from the hospital. Everyday flies by. I'm also kinda sad that she won't be this little for much longer, but I know things will eventually get easier as time goes by.

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