Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day!

It's hard to believe that Fall is actually right around the corner. I'm excited for Fall. It's my favorite season for You have so many options from blazers, jackets, pumps, boots, leggings, skinny jeans vs. bootcut, sweater dresses...I could go on and on. Although, I don't know how dressed up I'll be getting nowadays.

It appears that the Zantac has finally kicked in and is actually working. Madeline's spit up has been minimal during the past 24 hours (although I had a scare yesterday morning with massive spit up, but it wasn't projectile), plus the past two nights, she's been going to bed so much easier! I usually have to feed, then hold her 30 minutes to 1 hour before putting her in her bassinet. Otherwise, I get a massive meltdown. However, the past two nights have only been around 15 minutes each time...progress!

She has been incredibly gassy the past 3 days. Saturday night and early Sunday morning were the worst. I tried gas drops, gripe water, then finally the Windi , which helped significantly. I'm not exactly sure how it works...but it certainly does the trick. Although, a pack of 5 is $15 and they are only single pretty expensive to use frequently. I found this gem after searching Amazon for random baby products and researching reviews. I also went ahead and bought the Nosefrida (same company) for stuffy noses.

We ended up having a pretty busy weekend with our outings to my parent's house and Lance and Shellie's. Unfortunately, I had to leave Tyler and Katie's birthday party early to feed Madeline, but they have certainly grown since I've seen them in the past couple of months. They're so cute. See this photo below I stole from Shellie:

Katie, Tyler, So-So, Me, Ray-Ray

Another product that I recently started using is Crest's 3D Glamorous Whitening Toothpaste. I did have whitening trays, but they somehow got ruined in our move. I'm also using a prescription toothpaste that I love (Ray is dentist, so we get the good stuff). The Glamorous White has already whitened my teeth in just under a week. You can taste the peroxide in it, so it doesn't really have an edge on flavor.

Also, I thought I'd post a photo of my hair after I used Coppola's Intense RX. It did better this time, so I'm wondering if it actually is reconstructing my hair with each use. Or maybe my occasional night sweats are releasing the hormones out of my body. I'm not quite sure. I will say recovery has not been easy at all. I can't believe how naive I was about it. I thought by practically 3 weeks I'd be feeling pretty good. Although, I'm really hoping that this week will improve greatly. Or at least I'll be able to workout a bit. I should be getting one of my DVDs by Friday.

And last but not least, here's Miss Madeline Kate:

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