Thursday, December 8, 2011

Anxiously Awaiting Austin

Above photos of The Driskill Hotel in Austin, Texas

So, I posted yesterday about being a tad bit scared about my Austin trip. It just so happens that my mother booked us a hotel room at the famous Driskill Hotel. Not only is this hotel famous for it's beauty and Southern hospital, but for its' ghosts. Yes, I said ghosts. The Driskill Hotel is one of the most haunted hotels in the U.S. Also, The Driskill Hotel has been featured on tv shows such as Ghost Hunters and My Ghost Story. This 5-Star monstrosity even offers it's own Ghost Tours each week.

Why would I be afraid? Ghosts like me. There I said it. I've had countless ghostly encounters since I was a child, and for some reason, maybe I'm sensitive? Who really knows for sure. Anyway, you might be laughing out loud at me right now, and I don't blame you. Skeptics do not bother me one bit. And, if I have not had my many experiences, then I would certainly be skeptical myself. Logically and rationally ghosts cannot be explained. Science cannot prove that ghosts exist. I definitely understand this, however, I have my own theories on ghosts, but I'll share that with you some other time.

The Driskill's website even has its' own photos, video, and blog that feature it's ghostly guests. Visit here for more information.

Of course, I will be bringing my camera and I will snap several photos of the hotel in order to post photos on this blog. And, I might even gain the courage to do one of the ghost tours, but no promises there. My sister-in-law, Michelle, graciously offered up her air mattress if needed. I might taker her up on that, but I'll visit the hotel and get a feel for it myself before I make my final decision.

This trip should be interesting to say the least!

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