Saturday, December 3, 2011


Hello there and welcome! I decided to start my blog basically out of boredom. I'll be posting anything from everyday tasks, restaurant reviews, fashion, irrelevant randomness, and hot topics. You must be warned, I may also post about controversial subjects.

A few tidbits about myself:

After getting laid off this summer, I am currently employed as a housewife (thanks to my husband), and I proud mother of my pup, Sophie. My past work experience included everything from a marketing director, retail management, acting and modeling, pro cheerleading, real estate to law! I guess you could say that I never really found the right least I haven't yet. I've been married to my wonderful husband, Tommy, for just over a year, and hopefully in the future we will be blessed with children.

All in all, I have had amazing opportunities in my life, and am very grateful. I have the best family I could ask for, and awesome friends. However, I have encountered difficult times in my life and I firmly believe that you learn and grow through each experience...negative or positive. At least, this is the choice I make for myself. Of course, I am flawed (as we all are) and make poor decisions and mistakes. But, life isn't about's about family, happiness, and living life to the fullest. <<< Wow, okay, that was corny.

I must admit that I can be quite blunt and harsh at times. Although, a rational and logical thinker. I love a challenge, debates, and anything thought provoking...whether I agree or disagree. That's the beauty of great conversations, a difference in opinions, agreements, disagreements, and general entertainment. Oh, did I mention that I'm a bit stubborn? Unfortunately, my stubbornness doesn't come in handy during heated debates! Although, can be entertaining when I'm making a full out of myself! :)

So, I guess you'll find out more about myself throughout future posts!

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