Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

Tommy and I had a wonderful weekend! On Friday night, we went over to Tommy's brother and SIL's home, Lance and Shellie. We played with their two adorable three year old twins, Tyler and Katie. (See Right - I stole this photo from Shellie's page. Aren't they just adorable)? After we put them to bed, we had a delicious shrimp boil and bonfire. We enjoyed a few cocktails, then decided to go home.

On Saturday, we were pretty lazy the majority of the day. We babysat Tyler and Katie Saturday night and enjoyed an order from Loveless Cafe to go. We both had Loveless's half fried chicken, which is scrumptious. I was bummed because they were all out of their chess pie, but I think I'm going to attempt to make my first chess pie next week just for kicks. I had to insert a photo in order to keep me motivated to make this pie. I love to bake, but I'm not a big pie person, well except for Chess Pie of course!

On Sunday, I headed to the gym, and dropped Tommy off at our local hangout, Corner Pub, to watch the midday games. I met him after my workout, enjoyed a few cocktails, then we headed to Kyoto for Japanese hibachi. We came home, and I caught up on a few of my shows, then headed off to bed.

Cut to today. I did not get any sleep last night, and I'm a little cranky today. However, Mondays are my new favorite day of the week. I'm not exactly sure why, but I guess it might have to do with being able to catch up from the weekend. Tonight, I'm going to have a "me" night while Tommy watches football with his boys. I'm cooking a scallop pesto pasta for us, and then enjoying my Monday evening shows.

Tomorrow night, Shelby and I are taking our friend Leia out for a belated birthday dinner. It will be fun to catch up and have a girl's night. Not sure where we are going just yet, but I'm sure whatever Leia decides will be great. I'll have to take a few photos and post.

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