Saturday, December 3, 2011

Jet's Pizza Review

So, we have been quite lazy today after having a late night out last night and decided to order pizza for dinner. We decided to try the New York Bold Fold from Jet's Pizza. I was excited because I love feta cheese and it just so happens that Jet's offered this as one of their many toppings. We ordered our pepperoni, sausage on half, feta on half, with turbo crust pizza, waited about 1 hour and 15 minutes for the arrival. The box felt somewhat cool. I anxiously took the first bite and "meh." it was disappointing. It tasted like a frozen pizza AND they forgot my feta cheese on my half! Oh well, we won't be ordering that again. Looks like I'll switch back to Papa John's for our next order. (Tip: recently we've received 3 FREE large pizzas from PJ's just from ordering online....just sign up for the program and get a free pizza for every 25 points. It's great)!

Now, off to channel surfing and feeling bloated the rest of the evening from due to my indulgence. Have a great night!

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