Friday, December 16, 2011

Food Coma

To catch up from my earlier post, tonight Bran and Michelle treated us to a fabulous dinner at Eddie V's Prime Seafood and Steaks and it was absolutely delicious. (I'll have photos next week up). I enjoyed lobster and shrimp bisque, ahi tuna steak with wasabi mashed potatoes and other side options: twice baked potatoes, crab fried rice with mushrooms, and truffle Mac n cheese. All very tasty. Then, for dessert we split the bananas foster's rum cake which was AMAZING. So good! Have you ever gotten a drunk feeling from eating too much food? That's how i feel right now. I'm on a food high. Needless to say, I probably gained 5lbs from dinner alone. I'm really going to have to get to the gym next week and workout twice as hard.

After dinner, we waddled to the hotel, and then headed to Bran and Michelle's place to open gifts. I got a super cute Lululemon jacket, which I plan on wearing on my flight home :)

As I'm typing, I'm laying in my hotel room bed, with my dad snoring in the bed across the room and my mom is dead asleep next to me. Yes, I made my mom share a bed with me. I'm also going to attempt to sleep with the tv on if I can get away with it, since they both are basically out for the night. Speaking of beds....a queen sized bed seems so small. We have a California King and I'm used to having tons of room....oh well, guess I'm spoiled at home.

I'm really trying to make myself sleepy, but nothing is working! I've been up now for 18 hours going nonstop all day, and you'd think I'd fall right to sleep, but no, of course it couldn't possibly be that easy.

I really wish Tommy and Sophie were with me, but I'll get to see them soon. Well, I'm getting off of here in order to get some beauty sleep. I'm praying that my night is uneventful and full of wonderful sleep. Good night!

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