Thursday, December 29, 2011


Good Afternoon! Thankfully, the rain has subsided and it's a beautiful 60 degree day - which is odd for us this time of year, but I'm not complaining!

Yesterday, Tommy and I headed off to the gym, then we ate lunch at City Limits, a local bakery/cafe. I'm on a new diet, and I had to ask if one of their meals contained a specific ingredient. The reply I received was "We make it here." Gee, thanks....that was helpful. So, I decided to forego my original meal plan and had a grilled cheese and soup. It was yummy, but nothing to die for.

For dinner, we decided to go to Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse in Green Hills. This is one of our favorite new hibachi places. Originally, I loved Kobe's, but it just hasn't been as great as it used to be. We arrived early at 5:15 and were the only people in the restuarant, as shown. We had a table and private chef for ourselves. I indulged in a tempura shrimp roll for an appetizer, then had shrimp and scallops for my dinner. The tempura shrimp roll was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I only ended up eating maybe 30% of my hibachi meal, and now have leftovers to consume later.

After dinner, we headed over to Lance and Shellie's home. Upon arrival, Tyler and Katie wanted to show off all their Christmas gifts that Santa had left for them. They received a large playhouse, which Katie now coins as her "closet" and has stuffed all her toys inside. She is definitely a girly girl right from the start! (To the right, the kids are showing off their new PJs and scooters)! Shellie and I tucked the kids in, then we hung out for a bit. Shellie generously lent me 12 books for my reading entertainment. I definitely have some reading to do in my future! I actually already read two of the books today, alone.

We headed home, and I went straight to bed. I ended up having the most random, crazy nightmares last night. Although, now that I'm awake I cannot remember them any longer. They were definitely terrifying.

Tommy and I headed back to the gym today (I guess I should mention that Tommy is currently on vacation), and then I had a hankering for I blew the 450 calories I burned at the gym on fattening, delicious foods.

I'm not planning on doing much the remainder of the day...perhaps I'll read another book! Tommy is having his friends over to watch the Vandy game, so I plan on hiding out upstairs and catching up on a few girly television shows.

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