Wednesday, August 22, 2012

1 Week, 1 Day

The past two nights have been significantly better. However, Madeline is still colicky during the evening. The screaming is lasting around 1-2 hour periods, instead of the full 6-8 hours. I'm still exhausted. Her feeding schedule is just wearing me out. We definitely think she has her days/nights mixed up. It makes sense, because she was most active in my stomach between 9:00pm-Midnight, and that's generally when the screams begin.

The explosive poops have also begun. She dirtied 3 outfits I'm just hoping the poop stains come out of her clothing. I washed them, but you can still see the stains. We have to use baby detergent, so if anyone has any recommendations for the stains, please send them my way!

Yesterday, Madeline was 1 week old. Below is her 1 Week photo. I had originally planned a super cute outfit, but she pooped all over it. So, this is what we get. She still looks adorable.

I'm also really liking my Bellefit compression garment. I can tell a big difference in just a couple of days of wear. It's recommended that you wear it at least 12-24 hours per day. It's comfortable during the day, but I've been taking it off at night because it's digging into my ribs because of the way I lay down. It barely fit me the first day I started wearing it (Saturday, I think), and now it's stretching out a bit. There is another closure I can use 1 inch tighter...I'm going to be so excited when I can use it! There are three different styles: pull up, zipper, and corset. I went with the corset because I didn't know whether or not I'd be having a c-section (corset is recommended for c section mommas).

I reluctantly decided to take my measurements this morning. Since I don't have a scale at home (on purpose), I need a baseline. Basically, I need to lose 2 inches to get back where I want to be. I think it'll be totally achievable if I'm able to start getting workouts in next week. I think I might weigh myself at Madeline's pediatrician appointment next Tuesday. Surely, they won't mind? Or, they might think I'm absolutely crazy! At least, that will give me a full two weeks since delivery just to see where I'm at.

I know I probably shouldn't be too concerned about the weight, but I want my body back so bad. And, I know it can go either way with breastfeeding. Some women gain weight, some women lose. I hope I am one of the lucky ones who lose. Everyone tells me I'll lose, but every person's body is different. I've also been eating much better, too. I've really only been craving healthy foods, which is a big help. I haven't even wanted the cheesecake, cupcakes, cookies, etc. Of course, if it's sitting in front of me...I'd probably want it.

Tomorrow, Tommy and I are going to attempt a Target run with Madeline. I need a practice run with him first, before going out on my own. I'm going to be so nervous the first time I have to go out with her by myself.

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