Thursday, August 23, 2012

So Happy!

I posted yesterday about my Bellefit garment and the 1 inch inside latches that I'd like to get to...well I'm there! I noticed yesterday afternoon that it was loose on the current setting, and sure enough, I was able to move it over to the final 1 inch. It seems kinda crazy since when I first attempted to wear it on Saturday, I literally was stuffing myself into it like a sausage. It barely fit me.

I also lied. I wasn't going to jump on a scale until next Tuesday, but during our Target run, I decided to go ahead and just buy one. Guess what? I'm back at my preconception weight! I ended up gaining 20 lbs during the entire pregnancy. Now, I still need to lose 5-10lbs. I'm aiming for the 10lbs. I had a gained a little weight last fall.

Of course, I know I'm also retaining a lot of water right now due to swelling. It can take weeks to go away. I'm just so thrilled. I know the last pounds are always the most difficult to lose, so it may take me some time.

Our Target run was successful. Although, on the next run we need to use the stroller. This time, we just set the carrier/carseat inside the shopping cart (The Chicco Keyfit doesn't allow you to put it in the upper purse area).

These are photos taken before our run to Target!

I also want to share my favorite photos from Madeline's hospital photoshoot. It's amazing that she already looks so different since last week. I just picked out my favorite photos and posted them below. The hat in first photo was actually made by Sandra (aka So-So)!

It's feeding time for me. And I'm off....

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