Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I cannot believe it's finally August. I've been counting down to August since I found out I was pregnant! We definitely know that Madeline will be an August baby.

*TMI Alert* My stomach has been so upset the past few days. I'm so nauseous, too. I almost feel like I caught some type of stomach bug. I haven't eaten anything out of the ordinary, I'm not worried/ I don't know what the deal is.

Today, I have had a sudden rush of energy come at me out of nowhere. I decided to deep clean the entire house, give Sophie a bath, do all the laundry, and organize. I know I'm on bed rest, but I couldn't resist the urge. Nesting is in full swing at the moment. I'm sure I'll end up crashing this afternoon.

I tried a new product this week - Suave's Milk and Honey Body Splash bodywash. I actually scored 3 of these for free a few months back when Publix had them on bogo, and I had $1 off coupons. I just got to open a new bottle this week. I really didn't think I'd like it too much, but it's actually great. The scent is hard to describe, but it's nice. Also, it is extremely moisturizing. I'd compare it to Bath and Body Works version. I'll be a return customer on this one...but I think I have awhile before I'll go through my 3 bottles!
Tomorrow I have my weekly NST appointment, and I'll update how that goes tomorrow afternoon. Also, it's a full moon tomorrow. There is an increase in births for some reason on full moons. My brother and I were both born on full moons. Maybe Madeline will make an appearance? And here's a little trivia for you...the phrase "Once in a blue moon" is based on a month that has two full moons (the second moon is called the blue moon which doesn't occur often). This August, we have 2 full moons. Tomorrow night, and another August 31st.

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