Monday, August 13, 2012

Here We Go...

Well, it's official. Tommy and I will be parents no later than tomorrow afternoon. I'm checking into the hospital this evening at 5pm to start my first round of induction medication. Unfortunately, they are not going to allow me to go back home...I'll have to stay at the hospital for the duration of the labor process.

From today's growth ultrasound, we found out that Madeline's abdominal measurements dropped back down to the 7th percentile (previously was 8th, then 20th, now 7th), so with the drop, they have decided to go ahead and attempt an induction.Her estimated weight is 5lbs, 12 oz (4lbs, 12 oz last month)...which would be only 1 lb gained if accurate, and is at the 8th percentile. During the last month of pregnancy, babies should be gaining anywhere from 1/2 lb - 1 lb each week. Of course, weights can also vary higher or lower.

I'm effaced, but not dilated at all, so we're not sure if the induction will take. There's a chance that we'll have to proceed with a c-section early in the morning (5-6am) if my body doesn't respond to the first round of medication. If it does, then they'll start with the Pitocin. If not, I'll go in for the dreaded c-section.

Oh, and guess what? My OB delivered on Friday. So, I'm delivering with a different OB whom I've met with beforehand. Thankfully, she's the one on call tonight and tomorrow, so at least I feel comfortable with her. But, today's appointment was a complete mess. First, they just had me down for the biophysical ultrasound...then the tech asked because she thought it was supposed to be a growth...then of course did the growth. Next, since my OB was out, they had me seeing the nurse practitioner since they thought it was just going to be the biophysical ultrasound results, etc. So, then after that, we had to wait on the "on call" doctor to make the ruling on the new measurements. It was frustrating...I haven't had any issues with my doctor's office and today was just not the day to have them. Thankfully, we have everything settled, scheduled, and I feel much more confident.

Tonight won't be too eventful. Tommy and I will just probably watch television in my hospital room all night and attempt to sleep. There is a chance that the first round of medication could go ahead and induce the labor completely (best case scenario) and we'd have her tonight, but I don't think that's going to be likely.

I'll try to update my blog when I can and post photos of Madeline!

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  1. So sorry you had to deal with such drama today, but thanks for the update! We'll be thinking about you guys and hoping that she will just decide to make her appearance today and take c-section off the table! Hospital isn't such a bad thing - at least you won't be home and worried if the cervidil(?) works faster than anticipated (fingers crossed)- let us know if you need anything at all!!!