Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Operation Health Quest

I've posted before that I don't believe in radical diets, but a healthy lifestyle. I call this a "Health Quest," and my journey is about to restart. I have to admit, I pretty much gave into eating unhealthy around 26 weeks, along with the inability to no longer workout - which is not exactly a great combination.

Not being able to workout has been extremely frustrating for me. I enjoy working out. I've always worked's just apart of my lifestyle. I am so ready to get back on the bandwagon. Of course, I'll have to follow doctor's orders post partum, but I think I'll still be able to at least go for walks. And, I plan on working out at home for awhile doing DVDs, but I am eventually going to have to get my gym membership back. I just have to have it, especially in the winter months.

I've already started eating healthier the past two weeks. No more daily cupcakes, pies, and cookies for me. I haven't gone full blown healthy just yet - but I'll get there. I'm trying to do it slowly so I'm not shocking my body. And, I still have to make sure I'm eating enough for two. Even on my "Health Quest" meal plans, I do allow myself a couple cheat meals and dessert within reason. I don't believe in just cutting everything out completely, otherwise, I'd fail miserably. My main issues are cutting back on sweets, carbs, and meal portions.

I know it's going to take some time to get my body back to pre-pregnancy shape. Although, I haven't gained a ton of weight, so I think I will be able to lose it all within 3 months. But, I know things are going to shift, and my hips and rib cage may take longer to fall back into place (If they actually go back to normal. They may not). I would like to lose an extra 5 lbs from where I was back in December. I had gained a little last Fall, and I *hope* to lose it. Of course, I'm being cautiously optimistic. It might end up being a PITA....and having a newborn along with a healthy diet and exercise isn't exactly easy. I'm just hoping I'll be able to juggle it. 

I also plan on posting weekly progression photos of my progress. Mainly because it'll be a motivator for me and I'll have to have some type of accountability.

To change the subject, my contractions have actually lessened the two days. However, my upset stomach, nausea, and constant zinging pains have taken over. I felt awful all afternoon. I just ate dinner, so I'm hoping that will help.

Zach and Leia graciously decided to bring us take out last night (I was good and had a soup and salad), and came over and hung out for awhile. It was so nice to have social interaction and catch up. They really are the best.

I have no idea what's in store the next few days. I'm trying to keep myself busy, but I'm out of ideas for now. Perhaps, I'll have a baby. That'll for sure keep me busy :)

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