Monday, August 20, 2012

Where Does the Day Go?

Oh my goodness. I cannot believe how unbelievably busy a newborn keeps you. Granted, I knew it would be work, but wow. It also doesn't help that Madeline has been up all night the past two nights with severe colic. It's awful...nothing works. She screams bloody murder....hours and hours on end. I'm really hoping this phase does not last long. We are exhausted. The screams are so loud that we can't really take "shifts." Sunday night the colic lasted for 8 full hours, and last night 6 hours.

To give you an idea of how busy each day is...I thought I'd outline today for you. Keep in mind, Madeline feeds around the clock every three hours...and a feeding usually takes one hour long. In addition, everything is taking me longer to do since I'm still weak. I'm not included normal everyday tasks in here, either.

7am-8am: Diaper change, feeding
8:am-8:30am: Pumping Session
8:30am-9am: Shower (thank goodness)
9am-10am: Breakfast, light cleaning, laundry
10am:10:40am: Blowdry hair, get myself dressed, fix hair, etc.
10:40am-Noon: Sponge bath for Madeline, change diaper, clothes, feeding session
11am-Noon: Feeding Session
Noon-1pm: Lance and Shellie visit 
1pm-2pm: Feeding Session
2pm-3pm: Pediatrician Appointment
3pm-4pm: Naptime (FINALLY)
4pm-5pm: Feeding Session
5pm-5:30pm: Pumping Session
5:30pm-6pm: Dinner
6pm-6:30pm: Bathtime for myself (I have to take a nightly bath)
6:30pm-7pm: Laundry
7pm-8pm: Finally a Break (Hence that I'm blogging now) 
9am-10pm: Feeding Session
10pm and onward: Attempt Sleep, Calm Colic (hopefully, not), Feed every 3 hours

And Repeat.

See? Pretty busyIt's difficult to even get a phone call in and taking Sophie out. I'm pooped.

Lance and Shellie were kind enough to bring us both lunch and dinner from Puffy Muffin today. It was so delicious! Thanks, guys!

At today's Pediatrician appointment, Madeline gained 2 ounces since Friday, so that's great! Other than the horrible colic, she doesn't have any other issues/concerns.

I also said that I was going to start posting my post partum photos. Well, I took two today. I haven't jumped on the scale just yet. I know I've probably lost at least 10 lbs, but I want to wait it out before I actually start weighing myself. I'll start working out again slowly in another week and a half. (I have no idea when I'll be able to fit workouts I also started wearing a Bellefit compression garment to help my tummy get back to normal.  So, I'm cheating in my photos, really. I'll start taking bare belly shots next week. My stomach has drastically gone down...I look how I did around 20-22 weeks pregnant, I guess. And my stomach is pillow-y. I know it's not going to get back to how it was. I'll probably have the standard Mom pooch - just part of it!

6 Days Post Partum Photos:

For some reason, my iPhone makes my face look long and

Speaking of post partum, my hair is disgusting. It's greasy at the top, then dry and stringy throughout. The night sweats have also kicked in, and meltdowns again. My hormones are just going bonkers right now. Hopefully, my hormones will calm down in a few weeks.

I know I keep bouncing around, but Nana bought Madeline the cutest bracelet. It's adorable. See below:

And that's it for now. I get to relax for another 10 minutes, then it's feeding time!


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