Friday, August 10, 2012


Basically, describes my day/night. I was up all last night with constant contractions. I really thought I might be heading into real labor. Some contractions were very painful, and would wake me up if fell back to sleep. But, no, not real labor. The contractions decreased after I got up for the day. But, then, the constant nausea decided to set back in. I felt horrible. And, I still have the typical braxton hicks, constant pinching pains, back aches, exhaustion, etc.

Randomly today I felt the sudden urge to devour a cheeseburger. Not a food I typically crave at all...but Tommy went and grabbed me one along with a big Sprite to settle my stomach. Actually, I haven't had a strong craving in a long time. Meaning, I need to have it right this second. So much for my "health quest," right? Ha...well, I've been good so I'm not going to worry about it.

Along with everything else today, I had a few meltdowns. I'm hormonal, tired, anxious, and well 9.5 months pregnant. To sum it all up - today was definitely not my day.

I'm still not feeling well. I feel very sluggish. I tried to nap a few times during the day, but I could never get comfortable. I'm hoping tomorrow will be much better.

I'm so ready for Monday's appointment to get here already so we can have a final plan nailed down. Of course, we've been over every possible's just determining which one will be the course of action.

I'm actually pretty calm about the whole labor and delivery process...for now. I'm sure once it's scheduled or if I'm rushed immediately to labor and delivery, I'll be a nervous wreck. I think choosing to skip Thursday's appointment was a good idea. While the biweekly appointments have given me peace of mind, they also make me anxious. But, I'm down to the very last one!!!

Plus, it's not like I can really have a birth plan of my own. Not that I really have anything out of the ordinary. I definitely want the drugs, and I want Madeline to get all the necessary shots, medications, etc. It's also important that Tommy and I have about an hour or so after Madeline's birth to bond, feed, etc. to ourselves before our parents come in to meet her. Hopefully, since I'm pretty far along now she won't be whisked off to the NICU ward. Otherwise, no one will get to see her for quite awhile...not even me! (With the exception of being held up to us after delivery).

So, that's pretty much all we know for now.

As far as this weekend goes, Tommy and I are going to try a southern style restaurant nearby for brunch tomorrow if I'm feeling better. My parents also mentioned grilling out either Saturday or Sunday evening. The weather right now is actually fantastic. It's in the mid 80s, lower humidity, and a nice breeze. I'm hoping to enjoy some of the weather.


  1. I'm sorry to hear you are not feeling well! :( Boo! But I'm sure once it's all over and done, you will completely forget all about these things leading up to the birth. You'll only be able to focus on what will, I'm sure, be your super cute and adorable baby girl. :)

    Thinking of you!! :)

  2. Thank you so much!!! Thankfully, today, I'm feeling MUCH better :)