Sunday, August 5, 2012

Full Term!

I'm very excited that Madeline has now made it to full term at 37 weeks! Also, over the recent 48 hours, Madeline has descended down even further and is now fully engaged. How do I know this? Constant stabbing, pinching, and pressure pains. Also, I'm getting these awful, startling, zinging, sharp, shooting pains going down my leg at random moments. They are extremely painful, however, it's a great sign that she's even more ready now. I'm still having some contractions on and off, but mainly Braxton Hicks for now.

I was thankfully able to catch up on much needed sleep Thursday night, but that all went downhill last night. As soon as I went to bed, my adrenaline started pumping (no idea why), and I was wide awake. So, I might have gotten maybe an hour last night? Hopefully, tonight I can catch back up.

Tommy and I went to dinner last night, then came home and I crashed on the couch. Today, we have the drywallers and painters making the final repairs on our roof damage. They were nice enough to squeeze us in on a weekend since they know I'll be giving birth in the next 9 days. (OMG - single digits now).

While they're painting, Sophie and I are going to head over to my parent's house so I can avoid the fumes. Plus, my hair is needing a much needed highlight.

Okay, so I've been cheating. Cheating on my hair guy, Wayne, whom I love. However, time, money, bed rest, etc. has prevented me in seeing him. So, my Mom has been filling in as my personal colorist. I actually took cosmetology for fun in high school, so I do know a thing or two about coloring. Plus, I use exactly what Wayne uses on my it makes it easier. I'm saving a load of money, but, I do need to go see him soon, plus I miss him. Nonetheless, my Mom really does a great job. I still recommend Wayne to everyone...he is so awesome!

I'm trying to decide if I'm done rambling this morning. Honestly, I'm just trying to pass the time for now. I'm anxious for my appointment tomorrow. It's around lunch time, so later than normal. I'm sure Madeline will pass all of her testing again on her ultrasound, but I'm anxious to see my progress. And, I was completely wrong about my predictions on her arrival. Of course, now I know it will be within the next 9 days, but I'm still crossing my fingers that she comes on her own...before the 13th to avoid the induction and/or c section scenario. And selfishly, I'm hoping my OB doesn't go early, either. I'd just hate for another OB to have to step in on my final appointment on the 13th and make a call. Of course, they have all my detailed information, etc., but it's still nerve wracking.

I did start drinking my raspberry leaf tea, and I've tried a few spicy foods. The raspberry leaf tea doesn't help induce, but it's supposedly supposed to help with labor. Of course, these are all old wives' I take it with a grain of salt.

Alright, I'm sick of hearing myself I'll call it a day!

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