Monday, July 30, 2012

36 Weeks Appointment

I had my 36 week OB check up and biophysical ultrasound this morning. Madeline passed all of her testing again (yay), so no need to induce right now. However, I was up ALL night last night with contractions. My blood pressure was a little higher than normal, but my OB said it is due to the increased contractions. 

I'm now 80% effaced, Madeline is just about fully engaged, and 0 dilation. The dilation doesn't really matter, though. With first time moms, you typically efface first, then can dilate at any time. For example, you can stay dilated at 3 centimeters for weeks, or go from 0-3 cm in just a few hours. My contractions right now have subsided a bit...but my body is definitely getting ready! My OB reminded me of when I need to go to the hospital (water breaks, 5-1-1 rule, etc.) and warned me that this can happen at any time going forward....and it's a good sign that I'm having increased contractions, pinching pains, and Madeline's descending further down.

Basically, I could give birth tonight, or I might have to be induced later...but we know it will be within the next 2 weeks. And, a c-section is still debatable. It just all depends on the environment, health, many factors. We also reviewed the game plan...listed below:

Thursday, August 2: NST
Monday, August 6: OB Check Up/Biophysical Ultrasound
Thursday, August 9: NST
Monday, August 13: OB Check Up/Growth Ultrasound - FINAL APPT.

Of course, that is if I make it this far, and every test can be a game changer. (This is why we haven't scheduled anything yet - she can still come on her own, each test can have a different result, and it's still debatable between induction vs. c section). But, if I happen to make it to August 13th, they'll decide if I need to have a c-section or be induced and I'll be scheduled immediately.

So we wait. And wait. This two week wait is going to last an eternity. Anyway, I'm exhausted from zero sleep last night, so I'm going to attempt to nap.

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