Monday, July 9, 2012

Appointment Update

We just got back from our appointment and great news - Madeline is not coming this week! Yay! We had a biophysical ultrasound (checking blood flow, placenta, fluids, etc.), and everything came back normal.

Every week will be touch and go. On Mondays, I'll have biophysical ultrasound and/or growth ultrasound and every Thursday will be a non-stress test (NST). My OB said I definitely am not going to make it past 38 weeks, and we'll just have to keep a close eye on when we do need to take her out. AND, I might not have to have a c-section, but induced instead....just depending on Madeline's condition. Also, reassuring news.

I'm not concerned about the NSTs on Thursdays because Madeline is very active. Basically, they hook a belt like contraption up to my belly and measure her breathing and movements. I'll of course be anxious every Monday, but I feel much better now after my appointment.

My OB stated that if she were to have to come next week at 34 weeks, she might only be in the NICU for a couple days, and at 35 weeks, maybe not at all. It just depends on her lung function and feeding. Of course, 37 weeks for a girl is considered full term. They'd like to keep her in my stomach for as long as possible, but it really just depends on her growth and testing each week.

We did not have a growth ultrasound today because it's too soon to see a significant amount of growth since I just had one last week. I believe I have one next Monday....but I'm a little confused because of all the appointments (which I've scheduled). I'll ask this Thursday when I see my OB again for the NST.

Unfortunately, I'm on modified bed rest. Boo. But, it's what is best for Madeline. Looks like Tommy gets to enjoy housework and grocery shopping. And, she said I can still do some light activities. I don't have to become a recluse on the couch/bed, but I do need to take it easy. (Which is difficult for me).

All in all, a good appointment today. We'll have to see what next Monday's appointment brings. My hospital bag is packed and ready to go just in case. And like I said, I do have Thursday appointments, but I'm not too concerned. Those are just for extra precaution.

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