Sunday, July 15, 2012

34 Weeks!

Wow, less than 4 weeks to go now that I know I'll be delivering by August 12th (38 weeks)! Every week is still touch and go. I figured I'd post a little pregnancy update and photos.

How I'm feeling emotionally? Excited, happy, anxious, surreal, nervous, scared, and overwhelmed. Why nervous, scared, and overwhelmed? I just know our lives are about to change immensely (for the better), but it's going to be completely different going forward! And let's be honest, I have a lot to learn about having a child...since...well...I have been childless now for 29 years. I still find it hard to believe at times that there is a baby in my belly. Yes, I feel the kicks, see the ultrasounds, but it's still all surreal.

What's up with my body? Back pain has ensued. Horrible back pain, sciatic nerve pain. All day and night. My belly is growing (pictured at the bottom), and I'm up 13lbs. I've also had awful sinus congestion for the past 4 days, so I haven't been feeling well. I've been a little irritable and I'm tired all the time.

What's annoying me at the moment? If I hear one more person tell me "You need to eat." I am going to scream. *sigh* I know everyone means well, but my weight gain is not something that I can control, and it is not a maternal factor with my condition of asymmetrical's all medical! I find it offensive, because it implies that I can control my weight gain and IUGR, and well, the fact is that I can't. I'm doing everything instructed by my doctor, and all I do is eat. I seriously eat all the time. So, people please quit telling me this. I know you're just trying to help and it isn't meant to be malicious. It's not anyone in particular that says this to's everyone! Including strangers who ask me how far I am along! I'm probably being overly sensitive, but it really does bother me.

What's going on during my next appointment? My next appointment is tomorrow, Monday, July 15th and I'm having another biophysical ultrasound that checks umbilical cord flow, blood flow, oxygen, nutrients, and fluids. Of course, I also get to see Madeline again. I wish it was another growth ultrasound (measures weight, length, etc), but they have to wait 3-4 weeks in between in growth ultrasounds to ensure that we will actually see growth, etc.

What are my predictions on Madeline's arrival? I think she's going to come between July 23 (Tommy's bday) - Aug. 2. I say this because based on my growth ultrasound on July 23, a decision will most likely be made...since they'll be able to check her abdominal measurements, other growth, etc. I'll be at 35-36.5 weeks during this time frame. Of course, she could come this week, or perhaps make it all the way to 38 weeks.

How I've prepared? I've read every book imaginable on pregnancy, childbirth, newborns, the first year, raising children, etc. I've also taken a few online courses, too. I feel ready, but at the same time, I know it's a different ball game when you actually have a live baby in front of you.

How's Madeline doing? Great! Lots of movement throughout the day, hiccups, pushing on my ribs (which is very painful). Her last two updates from my OB last week were positive, so I'm feeling pretty good. Also, at 34 weeks, babies born at this time are considered preterm, not premature (unless under 4lbs).

How's bed rest going? I'm going stir crazy. Ugh. I have books, television, a few little craft projects, but I'm still in need of some sort of social interaction, scenery change, and movement. I am allotted one outing per week, and I prefer that outing to be close to home and to the hospital just in case anything were to happen. So, definitely staying in our area and not going anywhere North (hospital is South) is what I'm comfortable with at the moment.Unfortunately, we had planned on having a big BBQ for Tommy's birthday this coming weekend, but we are having to postpone it due to my bed rest, Madeline's possible arrival, etc. We'll do something eventually, it's just that the timing is off right now.

 34 Week Photos:

 Please excuse my weird expressions on my face this morning...I'm tired. And, my cluttered bathroom!

I'll update tomorrow on my appointment and I'm hoping everything goes well!

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