Saturday, July 7, 2012


Since I'm trying to keep myself occupied this weekend, I thought I'd take a few moments and review a few products that I've been meaning to do for quite awhile now.

First, I am going to start off with the most delicious ice cream bars I have ever had: Magnum Bars. Yes, I fell for their marketing campaign. My favorite are the double caramel bars. The outside layer is a decadent Belgian milk chocolate coating, then a layer of oozing chocolate sauce, another layer of caramel sauce, then you get to the vanilla bean ice cream. These ice cream bars are truly amazing. Tommy really enjoys the mint bars, but I'm not a big mint and ice cream fan. The next flavor I have to try are the "white" bars with white chocolate and vanilla bean. I will admit, these bars are pretty pricey, but right now there's a coupon available at Also, they've gone on sale a few times at Publix in the past few weeks. These are my new favorite summer treat!

Speaking of Publix, I'm switching back. I went to Harris Teeter this week to do a full grocery shopping trip, and well, they didn't have much of a selection and several items were priced $1-$2 higher than Publix. I think I'll just go to Harris Teeter when they offer their double coupon promotions up to $2. I was sad that they didn't even carry some staple items that I buy every week...but oh well.

Next up, I am trying out TRESemme's Split Remedy hair line. A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon the spray in/leave in conditioner when I was needing it for a swimming day. Oddly, it was the only leave in conditioner I could find at Target, so I figured it would have to just do. I loved the leave in spray, so I thought I'd give the shampoo and conditioner a try. So far, so good. It leaves my hair soft, manageable, and feeling stronger. I'll report back in a couple of weeks and let you know if it is actually any good. And, on a side note, TRESemme's dry shampoo rocks! I use it all the time, and has become an essential product for me.

If you recall a few months back, I reviewed Suave's Keratin line. I completely forgot to mention that I ended up having to stop using the products because they were stripping out my hair color! So, I will NOT be using these products again!

That's it for me for now. I think I need a nap!

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