Monday, July 16, 2012

34 Week Appointment Update

Madeline passed all of the performed tests on her ultrasound, however, her umbilical cord flow came back abnormal and elevated status. Also, my weight and belly measurements have not changed/grown in the past two weeks. With this being said, we're still waiting on the full report from today's ultrasound, which I should receive on my NST appointment this Thursday. On Mondays, I just get a short report, then my ultrasound is reviewed by a high risk ultrasound doctor, then sent to my OB who reviews, then passes it down to the nurse to call me with recommendations and/or changes. So, it's a little bit of a process. I'm not too worried, as I think they'll want to wait to see the results of my growth ultrasound next Monday before making a final decision. However, since I'm not growing, it's highly likely that she's going to be coming during 35-36 weeks (which is also my prediction). So, my appointment wasn't necessarily bad, but it wasn't as good as last week's update.

Madeline was practicing breathing during the ultrasound, which was neat to see and hear. And, she has tons of hair, which doesn't surprise me. Tommy and I both have thick, coarse hair. She's been very active, which is also a great indicator for a healthy baby. As long as she's active, I'm not going to stress.

My feet and legs are also starting to swell just a little. I'm hoping they don't get too bad, but right now it's not horrendous. I just have fat feet/legs.

Now I'll just have to wait to see what my OB says about the full report from today's findings. It might be nothing, but maybe something....we just don't know.

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