Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fruit Bat

Sophie is still being a "fruit bat" - one of her several nicknames. She's still only peeing on the sidewalk for whatever reason. This week, she's also started being more attached and cuddly with me. During the day, she likes her space. She'll stay near me, but she has never been a lap dog. Suddenly, she's taking naps on me, which has never happened before. She's doing this daily. Maybe she knows Madeline is coming soon? I have no idea.  She also sleeps like she's a human, it's quite comical. Below are photos from her from the past couple of days. I know, I need to brush her!

In other news, I just got back from my NST/OB appointment. My NST went well, and I received the full report from Monday's growth ultrasound. Madeline's abdominal is still measuring 2.5 weeks behind, but it's been growing at a more rapid pace (jumped from 8th percentile to 20th percentile), so the doctors are very happy. Nothing appeared abnormal on the ultrasound, and her other measurements are in the normal range. My OB is predicting that I'll make it to 37-38 weeks, which is wonderful since 37 weeks is considered full term. She also keeps telling me that if she's big enough, they'll go ahead and induce, too...but I keep forgetting to ask what exactly qualifies as "big enough." Madeline could decide just to come on her own without induction/c section. I'm currently in the "lightning" stage...50% effaced, and Madeline has dropped considerably in the past couple of days. No dilation as of yet. Based on the full report, I don't foresee her coming within the next week. I also passed my other testing from Monday, so that's a plus. This weekend, Tommy and I have to go get our whooping cough vaccination, which should be fun. 

I'm very happy with our test results! We will just have to see what this coming Monday's ultrasound brings.

Oh, I don't know if I even mentioned this. My OB is actually due on August 20th, and she's having a few issues of her own. There's a good chance that she may deliver prior to her due date, but she is going to keep working until labor. I am *really* hoping that she delivers Madeline. I feel so comfortable with her. She has actually been the top rated OB for the past 4 years in my area. However, if she doesn't do the delivery, then one of the other women in my office will step us, and they've all seemed quite capable and nice.

Now onto a random review. I've been using Tide Pods the past few weeks for my laundry detergent. I am always a little weary of the "pod" type detergents, cleaners, so I wasn't really expecting excellent results. However, I was wrong. They clean better than my regular powder detergents, and they smell really good. The smell reminds me of a light fabric softener. I'm really impressed, and they are basically the same price as traditional detergents. It's always a bonus not to have to scoop, measure, and pour detergent into the wash. You just throw the pod in and that's it!

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