Sunday, July 8, 2012


I would be lying if I said that I'm not concerned, worried, or stressed about tomorrow's appointment. It's been running through my mind since I received the phone call. And, of course, I've had to Google everything under the sun with my condition, and I've spoken to several people who've gone through this.

From what I've gathered, those with Asymmetrical IUGR (yes, it's what I have), are carefully monitored up until delivery and/or 36 weeks. I say 36 weeks because doctor's typically do not allow for the patient to go beyond 36 weeks due to increased risks. The cause of *my* Asymmetrical IUGR (there can be many factors) is the abnormal flow from the cord, which is also causing the very low abdominal growth (8%), and my slowed belly growth. Basically, we're preparing ourselves for Madeline's arrival within the next 3 weeks. It could even be as early as tomorrow....depending on the results from my new ultrasound.

Basically, if the umbilical cord flow is not allowing her to get the proper nutrients, oxygen, and blood flow, and she'd do better outside of my belly, they'll remove her. However, if there has been any improvement within the last week, they'll keep a close eye on her (with my biweekly ultrasounds) and decide the appropriate time for delivery.

Unfortunately, you can follow every pregnancy rule and still have complications. There isn't anything that could have been done to prevent my condition. I may be able to get a steriod shot on Monday to help with Madeline's lung function, and my OB may recommend baby aspirin. However, every OB is different, and I'll wait until I have direct orders.

Babies with IUGR usually spend some time in the NICU or Special Care Unit depending on how severe the case or how early they are delivered. However, the majority end up being perfectly fine in the the end. We are also prepared that we are most likely not going to be able to bring her home with us right away.

My mother is convinced I'm going to be put on bed rest, and it is a possibility. I'm already going stir crazy and I'm bored out of my mind since I'm having Braxton Hicks and back pain and can't really do much. I've just stuck with light cleaning, cooking, and running errands, but I might not even be able to do that.

Also, it's pretty certain that I'll have to have a c-section. While I know it's the best for Madeline, I also have a huge fear of surgery. I've only had minor surgery once (oral surgery) and it was a complete this is where my fear comes from. I guess I'm just going to have to suck it up and put my big girl panties on.

We'll see what my OB (whom I love) has to say tomorrow afternoon. I'm a big researcher and I like to prepare myself for everything....and every option. At least I know what the processes and procedures are, and it's not going to be a big shock.

Right now, Madeline is kicking away in my stomach and pushing on my rib that's very reassuring!


  1. Keep us posted - lots of good thoughts and prayers coming your way! I'm glad you are going in today - a couple of days less worry is always a good thing!